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    8 on the break; 9 foot vs. 8 foot

    Do any of the pool physicists out there have any thoughts on whether it would be easier to make the 8 on the break (using second ball break) on an 8 foot table vs. a 9 foot table or vice versa? I took Physics for Poets in college so I'm not well equipped to answer this one but it seems to me...
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    Willie Hoppe cue

    I've got the one I bought in 1965 which Danny Tibbitts refinished in the 1980s. They're a great piece of history and a real full splice cue. If you restore it to original, the butt/handle will be much fatter than what is customary today and won't play like a contemporary cue. So if you are...
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    It’s going to be a great summer

    Just took a road trip with my 15 year old. 5000 miles in a Jeep Wrangler. Atlanta to Las Vegas and back. Very fun,
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    Old 8 ball rules

    Rules for eight ball in the 60s in St. Louis varied from neighborhood to neighborhood and sometimes room to room but typically as I remember if your opponent sank the cue ball you got the ball behind the head string and if all your balls were there too you could spot one of them. Balls sunk in...
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    Pechauer Black Ice break shaft

    I have a Black Ice but have stopped using it in favor of a regular Pechauer break cue. I get better results with the latter. There is something about the tip on the Black Ice that doesn't agree with me. Feels like it slips off the cue ball a bit on some breaks. Not sure why or whether that...
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    Rank current 1Pocket Players

    Where do you think Danny Smith ranks? I've seen videos over the years where he played great and beat champions.
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    Archer's Place, Marietta Ga...??

    Memo to Johnny Archer for his new room: I played on an APA team at Marietta Billiards Club in 2007-2008. Six out of eight of our team members were heavy smokers. However, they had trouble breathing at MBC because the air was so smoky, the smoke eating machines in the ceilings being out of...
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    Bucktooth vs Alpo - Old School One-Pocket - 1 to 2

    I thought I knew a fair amount about pool gambling but I've never heard of one pocket where the players go to just 1 or 2. Is this rare or just a gap in my pool knowledge?
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    1974 Mustang II Ghia

    I had a '66 Mustang convertible three speed six that ate throw out bearings like cows eat grass. Somebody hit it hard in the front end in 1971 and I sold it for $450.00. This may be the lowest price ever paid for a running and driving rust-free Mustang convertible. Too small to sleep in.
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    Brass jointed cues

    Brunswick Willie Hoppe cues had brass joints. They were made for many years.
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    Howard Vickery

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    If you were not allowed to Gamble on Pool would you quit the game?

    No. I don't really gamble for significant money anymore. I found I disliked losing money much more than I liked winning money. I found that if I gambled regularly with a particular person, we likely had the match handicapped so accurately that we might as well be flipping coins. Gambling with...
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    Break Cue Recs?

    I have used a Mezz, a Predator BK2, and a Pechauer dedicated break cue and the Pechauer Black break shaft but have gravitated to a Rage 25 oz break cue and have found it works best for me. I use a second ball break in 8 ball and it usually slams in a ball, often 2, sometimes 3 and occasionally...
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    I don't have a Fargo rating and don't know how to get one. I will look into the latter.
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    Why do people want to go down in rank?

    I am not seeking a "demotion;" I am seeking a proper identification. The reason I want to go down from a 7 to a 6 now is because I believe I have been playing like a 6 for an extended period of time. People in competition want to win not lose. If I have too high a rank for my current skill level...
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    Very helpful answer. Thank you and I will definitely do this at the end of this session, which will be soon.
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    How Does an APA 7 Go Down to a 6?

    I've been an APA 7 in eight ball for years. I have probably been on the low end of the sevens in terms of skill the entire time but managed to eke out a winning percentage over the years. Now at age 72 my fire power is apparently diminishing and even though I have had about a 20% win ratio over...
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    Kudos to SJM

    I want to add SJM to the folks I give thanks to for posting on AZB. Almost everything Stu posts is insightful and interesting, and he always treats everyone with respect. I can tell from reading his posts that he, like many of us, is truly in love with the game of pool. So thanks Stu!
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    Can't play because of back pain (hernia) - any tips?

    From the Web: Chiropractic is a preferred treatment method for many patients with bulging and herniated discs because it is non-invasive and does not involve drugs or injections. Once you have your diagnosis, you and your chiropractor can work together to find the best way to treat your...
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    Can't play because of back pain (hernia) - any tips?

    In my early 40s I had disc problems so severe that at times my back muscles would seize up and lock up. At times I couldn't get in or out of a car. I was miserable. I was referred to an old school chiropractor who went to National School of Chiropractic. This guy was a miracle worker. No...