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  1. wakuljr

    The table to have for a set of $2000 balls you get the car first or the table first. It would give something to do while waiting for the car.
  2. wakuljr

    World series of poker

    Anyone going. Seems pool players gravitate to poker. I played Nick Shulman(sp) in veges many years ago. Saw he won a big poker event awhile ago. Any other pool players going?
  3. wakuljr

    Artical on my google news about the 10 best cues

    Check out the Balabushka part, I got a nice chuckle.
  4. wakuljr

    Thank you Trent...

    I ordered rubber & felt from Trentfromtoledo. Trent, thank you for your help. I wi admit i dont know how to "paypal". Trent helped me thru that part and got me what I ordered. Pic of my table rerubbered an felted
  5. wakuljr

    Pechauer 1 piece butt

    Pechauer has tbe pro-h, this is a one piece butt. I got one with a stainless joint and a wrap. Bumped the price to just over $500. It play great, points are painted but wow, great hit
  6. wakuljr

    Positive Transactions.

    Time to hear about some positive transactions. 1. I purchased a Cueman lathe about 2 weeks ago. Cueman, the lathe showed up early. I have set it up and have done 6 tips. Works great!!! Thank you your time and expertise. 2. I ordered boxs of tips from Pooldawg. The tips showed up on time and I...
  7. wakuljr

    Twilight Zone - A game of pool

    Posted yesterday, not by me, full episode but not the final cut. Link.
  8. wakuljr

    250K pool table

    I um....dont...know.. what.. to say.
  9. wakuljr

    Rubber for an 8' brunswick scottsdale

    Can some one verify if I need K55 or k56. I am almost sure its k55.
  10. wakuljr

    Info on old Helmstetter cue

    I know it is spliced and has ivory ferrel, but not much more then that. Looking for year and value. Thanks guys, now.......go!!
  11. wakuljr

    Saw this on craigslist couple of old brunswicks was posted a month ago but might still have them
  12. wakuljr

    Saw this on craigs list it was posted a month ago, might still have them. I know there a some table guys here
  13. wakuljr

    Pool Tourny w/ Poker format

    I sent this to Jay, he thought I should post it for everyone This is what I do make the entry what ever you want it to be, mine are $20 gets 2k in chips. I do a 1 time rebuy, $10 to get 1k in chips now, all the players get together and make games with each other, betting with their chips...
  14. wakuljr

    Chet Itow Memorial tourny next month

    I would be curious to see the players list for that. Anyone have and would like to share??
  15. wakuljr

    Tourny's in Las Vegas

    outside of Cue club,Pool sharks and Mickey's where are they. bar tournys also.
  16. wakuljr

    Saw this on C.L. in Seattle says "1890's pool table" looks decent, but for $1500, can't be to bad
  17. wakuljr

    extention of RKC's thread on covering rails

    I have seen many mechs that will start stapling in the center of the rail( after the feather stripping is in. curious about where others mechs. start stapling. i put my first staple about 6" to 8" outside the corners, seperating the corner felt from the rest of the rail felt. it seems to help...
  18. wakuljr

    phone calls.........

    never seen a thread like this, so i started 1 lol. i got a phone call yesterday. guy wanted to know how much to fix the "Walls" on a table. i said "walls, what do mean...rails". he got happy "ya, ya thats it". what kind of table( the next logical question". he didn't know, asked me if i knew...
  19. wakuljr

    Saw this on craigslist

    price seems decent its in Billings Montana
  20. wakuljr

    Had an idea....

    how about the mod. makes a sticky titled "buying a used table questions an answers" or something like that. seems to asked enough, save time for the same people that answer it. what do ya'll think