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    Fred Guraino Passes

    My friend Freddy Guarino passed away this weekend. He was the former owner of Cuetopia in Las Vegas along with Mary Kenniston in the 1980's and 1990's. He was a pretty fair player in his own right and a friend for over 55 years. RIP FRED.
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    Hawaiian brian

    It is with great sadness to inform the pool community that my friend Hawaiian Brian passed away this morning. He had been suffering with various medical problems the last few years and recently had turned for the worse. He died this morning in Las Vegas. Brian and I were friends and road...
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    Cole Dickson Memorial Tournament

    Chris Robinson beat Edgie Geronimo in the finals late last night to capture the Cole Dickson Memorial in San Francisco. Chris plays out of my room in Ventura Ca. and just turned 21 yrs old. Watch out for this youngster he's going to be a force to reckoned with.
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    Brunswick Centenials

    Looking for Brunswick Centenial's used, full or partial sets needed.
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    Wayne Norcross

    Wayne Norcross passed away last week. He was a well respected 14.1 player from the Orange County area for many decades. Wayne was a fixture in local events and taught 14.1 to many a player from the region. Orignally from Pennsylvania, Wayne relocated to the Soutnern California area in the...
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    Used Centenial's

    Looking for used sets of Centenial's.
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    Centenial Balls

    I need used Centenial Balls either complete sets or individual balls.
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    Looking for used centennials

    I am looking for partial or complete sets of used Centenial Balls. I need the following: One ball, four ball, eight and nine balls or complete sets.
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    Earl Strickland

    Paying to watch Earl play is getting old. We have got to find better matches to watch on Pay Per View than Earl. He WAS a great player but those days are behind him. His antics are getting worse and his skill level is greatly diminished.
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    Billy Incardona Wins Senior One Pocket

    It was my pleasure (although not at the time) to lose in the final match to Billy Incardona in the Seniors One Pocket event at Bogies Billiards in Houston this past weekend. We had 24 players for the $2,000 added event. It was an epic match and Billy played fantastic. It is no small...
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    Pool family loss

    Ron Marshall, longtime friend and excellent nine ball player from the Ventura/Oxnard Ca. area died suddenly this morning of complications from pneumonia. Ron spent a lot of time in the Sacramento Ca. area in the 1980's. I will miss him very much. My love to his wife Linda Marshall and family.
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    2016 bar table championships

    I have gone to the CSI Website and have not found any dates for the Bar Table Championships? The only information posted is TBA. It seems to be getting a little late not to have that information out there. Maybe this event is not going to happen? It's one of my favorites.
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    Ishmael "Morro" Paez

    I have heard Morro had a stroke recently. Does anyone know how he is doing? He suffered a massive heart attack in Japan years ago and seemed completely recovered. I hope he is doing well?
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    Need used centenial balls

    I am looking to purchase used centennials for my pool room to replace older balls that are damaged. I am listed here as Baby Huey so please contact me if you have any for sale.
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    Junior Nationals

    I just want to say congratulations to Chris Robinson from my Pool Hall, Stiix Billiards in Ventura for winning the 15 - 18 age catagory in the Junior Nationals last week in Las Vegas. Many of you may have seen the article in the latest issue of Billiards Digest where I was quoted as saying we...
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    Mezz west state tour stiix billiards

    The Mezz West State tour event was held at our Billiard Room, Stiix Billiards, in Ventura, Ca. this weekend. There were ninety four players that participated with Oscar Dominguez winning first place in this 2K added event at his own tour stop. My wife and I couldn't have been happier with the...
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    Old Guys At DCC

    I went to DCC and spent 5 nights playing only the One Pocket. I got to the 6th round and I had a good shot to move on further. There were several old guys like myself at DCC and it is becoming painfully clear that the older you get the tougher it is to play consistently well. I love to play pool...
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    No Swannee This Year?

    I went to the CSI Website and I did not see a date for the Swannee. Does anyone have any information about the event? We usually get a full field and I just wonder if Mark Griffin is pulling back from his long time sponsorship?
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    IPhone Slow Motion App to Determine Bad Hits

    A couple of days ago we had a match where we decided to use the IPhone Slow Motion Application to determine bad hits. The two players agreed and it worked fine except it took a while to become proficient at the replay. Some replays took up to 2-3 minutes due to determining the correct replay...
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    Action Rooms Near College Park Maryland

    I am taking my son to College Park Maryland to attend school in September. Does anyone know of any action rooms close by where an old guy can get played some $50 - 100 one pocket? I don't care about who it is or how good they play, I just want to help them pay their rent.