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  1. eezbank

    Linen Wraps

    Years ago I quit buying cues with linen wraps. My hands sweat profusely in the summer. When I would play long sets my cue would feel like a heavy log. Has anyone ever weighed their cue to see how much the moisture that gets absorbed into the wrap affected the weight of their cue?
  2. eezbank

    Happy Birthday JoeyA!

    I'd like to wish my good friend JoeyA a Happy Birthday! :happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday:
  3. eezbank

    Grady Mathews

    This was a post on Gradys facebook page today. Very sad news :frown: Grady Mathews Hello all. Happy Easter. It is Marie, Grady's daughter. If anyone has anything they want to say to my dad, I would do it soon. He fought really hard through chemo and radiation, but unfortunately there is...
  4. eezbank

    Tips for 2012

    I wanted to start a positive thread for the new year for tips that have helped us on our journey to become better players. Please contribute anything to this thread that you feel has helped you improve. I want to start the thread off with thinking at least three shots ahead and staying in line...
  5. eezbank

    Efren Sings (Pakners)

    Just found this movie today on youtube. It's called "Pakners". It would be neat to have subtitles but I watched it anyways. Pretty cool to see Efren singing and acting. He also plays some pool in the movie. Here's the link to part #1...
  6. eezbank

    BCA Columbus Ohio

    Tvmike is streaming live from Columbus Ohio
  7. eezbank

    1965 Ford Mustang Table

    If they come out with a GTO I'm buying one. :D It's not cheap at $10k but I like the looks of the table.
  8. eezbank

    Tar-20 jcin

    Justin, I wanted to say thanks for providing a fantasic match. Your video quality is great. The stream has been smooth and I'm getting a ton of value for the price of admission that I paid. Keep up the good work!! :thumbup: Thanks again! Eric
  9. eezbank

    Pro-1 DVD Review

    PRO ONE and Basic CTE I wanted to do a short review of the DVD by Stan Shuffett after watching the video a few times over and share my opinions with the group here at AZ. First Impressions: The DVD was shipped promptly. I had the DVD in the mail two days after it was ordered. The video...
  10. eezbank

    Thomas Cases?

    I've had this case for about 15-20yrs now. I can't find anything like this style made by Thomas cases. Is there more than one Thomas Case Co?
  11. eezbank

    Mosconi Cup vBookie

    Anyone know if AZ is going to run the vBookie for the Mosconi Cup?
  12. eezbank

    TVmiketv Live

    Mike is streaming live 9 ball B tournament tonight.
  13. eezbank

    Happy Birthday Freddy the Beard!!

    Happy Birthday Freddy! Bank on Brother!! :happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday:
  14. eezbank

    Epic one pocket match

    I just came across this match on youtube. 1994 Incardona vs Grady in Roanoke VA. I have this match on VHS and I have worn the tape out. What a great match...
  15. eezbank

    Charlie Chaplin at the DCC

    There's a man that dresses up like Charlie Chaplin at the DCC. I notice he's on some of the newer dvds from Accu-stats sitting in the stands. Does anyone know this guy or why he does this at the event? Is he a retired pro? I'd love to hear the story behind this if anyone knows.
  16. eezbank

    72 Pool Cuties

    Something new from Coed Magazine. Lots of great avatar material. Probably not a worksafe link.
  17. eezbank

    *Men's Player of the Decade*

    After much debate in the last poll and over 200 votes we have a top four for our Player of the Decade final poll. The reason we are doing a second poll is to see where the votes might swing with the options narrowed. Again this is just an opinion poll.
  18. eezbank

    *Women's Player of the Decade*

    It was suggested we should do a side by side poll for the women and men for the Player of the Decade. This is just an opinion poll. Feel free to post any of the players tournament records or anything you feel shows why your choice should be named the POTD.
  19. eezbank

    *Player of the decade*

    This is my second attempt to get thoughts on who you feel deserves the title "Player of the decade" My apologies to everyone that voted in the first poll. I made a pretty severe error by forgetting to list a player with the only other option beign "other". Hopefully I got it right this time.
  20. eezbank

    David Howard

    Is this David playing on the live stream from Florida?