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    smoking or no smoking

    Is smoking allowed inside your pool hall?
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    longer cue

    I have always used 58 " cues. I tend to grip toward the back of the linen. If I were to switch to a 60 inch cue, will the weight of the cue have to heavier since there is 2 inches of additional cue? Say if I normally shoot with a 19 oz, what kind of weight difference should I expect, if any...
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    What can I do to make it easier on the mechanic before he/she arrives to recover slate and level table? Thanks
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    Fb 10

    What kind of results does a glue like 3M Fast-Bond10™ provide when putting on felt?
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    Table identification

    I'm not sure of the model of this table. Does anyone recognize the model?
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    T Rails

    What years did Brunswick make T rails for their tables?
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    linen wear

    I have a cue that I bought in the mid 80's.. I like to feel the linen vs having something over it to give added protection. I say it's added protection from the elements, I don't know for sure. Anyway, my question, for the rewrap of the irish linen, Do I need to go to the maker of the cue...
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    chipped slate

    What are some of the better or best material/method to repair slate when there are chipped pieces? These places tend to be close to where the rails are. thanks
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    rail bolt broken off

    I need advice on getting a rail bolt that is broken off inside the slate. My table is a 9 ft. Brunswick (made around the 1940's) The 3/8 inch rail bolts have square heads and are a hair over 4 inches long. The bolt that is broken off is probably around 1/2 inch from the edge of the slate...