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    Several Vollmer cues for sale

    Hi, I am looking forward to sell one or two of these beauties, so if you are interested let me know. Be aware that I live in Germany. Shipping worldwide is included.
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    Several cues up to 1000 USD

    Hey, need some money. If interested, let me know. For pics, please have a look at my signature. All cues are online at my picasa webpage. Please contact me via Email. Thx Sascha ..................
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    Several low and high end cues for sale (200-5000 USD)

    Hi Gents, The Summer is over and I want to sell a few of my customs. Due to the huge amount (more than 50), i will not post pics directly into this thread. So please feel free to ask questions or to make an offer. I need about 10.000 USD in this sale and i will close the thread as soon as I...
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    FS: Huebler Custom Shop (@Formula 1)

    @ Formula 1: i have several Huebler cues for sale and tried to answer your PM, but you are not allowed to receive them (something wrong with your settings, i think). You can contact me via Email for further details Sascha
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    FS: Richard Black Vegas

    Here are new pics
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    FS: Jensen Custom 4 Point cue

    Here we have a stunning Jensen Custom Cue by Mike Johnson. This cue was made sometime in the early nineties for a local player. Mike refinished the cue in 2002 and made a third shaft for it. The forearm is made from beautiful birdseye maple with 4 Ebony points with double red, double blue and...
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    FS: Unplayed Meucci LH-5 signed from Bob Meucci

    This is a real opportunity to get a piece of history into your hands. Up for sale is refinished Larry Hubbart 5 with brass pin. This cue is a real beauty and almost 30 years old, so please have a look. The cue was refinished by Bob Meucii in 2004 and has never been played since then. The cue...
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    Brand new Meucci SE-1 from the early 90ies

    This beauty is for sale as well as a few other cues from my collection. I am from Germany and have a lot of positive feedbacks, so check out. Up for sale is a Meucci SE-1 in brand new condition with two shafts for 1000 USD shipped worldwide. The cue has in total 19oz and two unplayed shaft...
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    Several High End cues for sale(500 to 6000 USD)

    Closed Thx
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    Cues for sale

    CLOSED Thx for helping out
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    Meucci Prototype

    Hi folks, will try it on this way. I have got this real beauty from Bob Meucci from the late 70ies. The cue is in almost new condition and the owner has this cue for the last 35 years in his cue case almost not played. He told me that this one should be one of the prototypes from the original...
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    About 50 cues for sale

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    Ident an old SCHON cue

    Guys, need some help to ident this beauty. Thx Sascha
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    Lots of cues for sale on Ebay

    Hi guys, I put almost all my cues on Ebay today for the next three days. There are about 50 in te price range 400 to 5000 USD. Please take a look and ask me if you need more information. In the links (weitere Fotos) you will find information in English, so it is a little bit easier for you to...
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    Need help to identify an old Brunswick

    Is anybody out there who is firm with Brunswick cues from the early 80ies? Maybe an old catalogue? Would be happy for any information Thx Sascha
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    FS: Richard Black Vegas

    For sale is a nice Black Vegas with four different original shafts to shosen from. I will sell the cue with two shafts and you can choose. Shafts are with and withour ivory ferule, 12.5 to 12.8mm. Cue weighs between 18.8 and 19.2 depending on the shaft chosen. If you want me to get more specs...
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    FS: Tim Scruggs SP

    Here we have a beautiful old SP from Tim with the old OIL finish. The cue has a crack in the butt section but furthermore in a good condition. I do not have the original shaft with the cue but a very nice and hard ashwood shaft with 115gr. an 13,6mm diameter. The butt weighs 428gr. This cue hits...
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    FS: Meucci 333-2

    Here we have a beautiful old Meucci 333-2 in a good condition. The butt weighs 440gr. and the three shafts are each 110gr. with 11,9, 12,2 and 12,8mm diameter. Price: 450 shipped anywhere in the world Pics:
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    FS: Vollmer PJ

    Here we have a real beauty, an early Michael Vollmer Plain Jane in a very nice colour. The BEM seems to be special but have a look. The cue comes with two original shafts with 12.5 and 12.9mm. The 12.9mm shaft is brand new. Both shafts weighs 120gr. and the butt weighs 415gr. The cue features...
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    FS: BCM Cocobolo PJ

    Here we have a real beauty BCM Cocobolo Plain Jane with two original shafts with 12,1mm (112gr.) and12,6mm (100gr.), one of the shafts has a little minor damage at the ring work, which you can see at the pictures. Both of the shafts are fitted with Water Buffalo Tips. The joint is fitted with a...