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    Pocket hanger ruling?

    Is there a generally accepted ruling on whether the balls are in play when they jam in the pocket but do not fall? The attached picture is a better description than I can write, but the gist is that the 5 and 7 balls wedged against the pocket liner and didn't fall. Are they made balls? Are they...
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    Revo head count at DCC

    So, has anyone done the head count of Revo shooters at DCC? I notice that Orcollo is shooting with a charcoal gray shaft. Wondered how many non-sponsored players opted the same way.
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    I played for 40+ years with a loose, sloppy bridge, chasing my stroke from night to night, always wondering when i would loose my tenuous grasp and for how long this time. It maybe didn't help that i played with a broomstick-like 14mm shaft until a few months ago. I bought a Lucasi with a pro...
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    Bad hit? At 11:10, Gareth Potts seems to hit his 11 ball off his opponents 2 ball. The cue takes off on the 11's tangent, following closely behind and near co-speed with the 2. This seems to me to unquestionably a bad hit, yet the ref and Albin both didn't call it. Can...
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    G3 ball returns "ring"

    A very light touch on the ball return rods sets them ringing. They ring when balls fall in. They ring lightly with each step as I walk around the table. I had always liked the unique "pock" sound GC pockets make when struck. The ringing destroys that ambiance. What can I do to deaden the...