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  1. koolkatt58

    DigiCue Blue Question

    Hello: I was curious I got my Digi Cue Blue I really like it. The only problem I am having is when I try to sync to custom mode it will not sync and when it does the parameters I put in do not save. I play on intermediate I wanted to change the buzz to off, and change finish to 1.0 and...
  2. koolkatt58

    Digicue App

    To Nate or anyone: If you have the app on 2 devices will it have your history and stats on both or just record your data on the particular device that you are using?
  3. koolkatt58

    Need Opinions on a recloth

    Hello: I have a 7 footer my cloth is 9 years old in good condition considering how long I have had it. I do take care of my cloth no kids or pets I need an opinion I would like to have Simonis 860 put on with new rubber or rails. My first question is should I go with Simonis I have heard some...
  4. koolkatt58

    Is it OK to use Aramith Ball Cleaner Fluid in the Ballstar Machine?

    I was just curious if anyone has used anything else. The instructions do mention you should use only Ballstar cleaning fluid.
  5. koolkatt58

    Pocket Reducers ( do they damage your facings)

    Hi to All: I had a quick question I read somewhere that the Pro Pocket reducers in time would do some harm to your pocket or facings? I was thinking of getting a set not to leave them on all the time just to try a rack here and there with just the 4 corner pockets. Also I would maybe hit some...
  6. koolkatt58

    Rail Process And Pocket Size

    Hi All: I wanted to ask this when you get a refelt done on your table what is the process of installing new rubber on the rails. Are the actual rails from your table taken apart or do they just put new ones on? Also can the size of the pockets be reduced from say 5 inch to 4 1/2 during the...