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    Expect to pay more .

    Well, in California, gasoline is $4.60 per gallon. But we are saving the environment.
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    Tipping on table time?

    As a room owner, it's my job to keep my room clean, tables in good condition and a safe place to play. I can't do it alone. I need good staff who pay attention to my standards and make sure our customers have a good experience. I need my customers to appreciate my staff (if they perform well)...
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    What should I expect to pay for a good Gold Crown

    There's something to be said about resurrecting an old GC1 or 2 and bringing it back to life. They are so beautiful and play so nice once you get the cosmetics done right and then have a true mechanic who knows what he's doing complete the finishing touches. I have two GC1's in my room and...
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    Downtown pool rooms.

    We had quite a few basement rooms in greater LA but all are gone now. Jay mentioned Brusnwick Billiards 4th and Main, Hollywood Billiards, Metro Billiards 1st and Temple downtown J-Town LA, Jensons in Glendale Ca. Santa Ana Billiards downtown Santa Ana. I played out of Brunswick Billiards and...
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    Ideas that haven't saved pool

    Many years ago, Jean balukus was dominating the Womens Tour. She attempted to play in a Mens Tour Stop and was prevented from doing so by the guys. Well, very few women have tried since and now no Men's Tour exists. Pool is one of the few games where women have a legimate opportunity to compete...
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    Anniversary, GC or Diamond?

    Yes they are and you drilled me sucka. I recovering from this triple bypass just to get an opportunity for some payback. Be good Jim.
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    Anniversary, GC or Diamond?

    This debate should only be about the GCs 1 and 2. IMO the best table design to date at the time they came out in 1958 or so. Many points have been made comparing the GCs and Diamonds and all are good. My first thought is this: we know how GC 1/2s play when their sixty years old but we don't know...
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    Southwest Cue Wait

    How Laurie Frankln keeps the Southwest Cue a fine piece of work must be attributed to her late husband. He built perfection into his cues and his staff were taught to reflect the higest standards. She manages the company well. Ask the Ko brothers what cue they perfer playing with? I was...
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    I believe that whatever people say about Tony in a negative manner should think twice. We all have done things we aren’t proud of. But Tony was one of our brethren who loved pool and the people who played. So let’s just give him a break. He tried hard to succeed and life’s stresses gripped him...
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    Hoppe Titilist Conversion

    There's nothing better than to find a Titlist one piece cue. My wife has found me four one piece cues and I had three different cue makers convert them. I love them all. Back to the 60's when all the cuemakers used them Gina Cues were the best back in the day.
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    Why tournament blue?

    Green has always been the color for pool/billiards/snooker. That is because our games were originally played outdoors on a lawn. At some point our games were moved indoors and the color of the cloth stayed that green color. Now days, we have more selections and recently tournament blue has...
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    Keith McCready story

    Hollywood was alive during those days. To get to the Billiard Den you had to pass Whiskey A Go Go and other famous night clubs. A road trip for me was going up Western Avenue from the Mr. Pockets at 6th and Manhatten to Hollywood Billiards, over to Penthouse Billiards, swing by Celebrity...
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    Billy Thorp Interview

    I don't think pool has as bad an image as some have suggested here. We have murderers from professional football, basketball and other sports who aren't so nice a people doing serious time in prison. So, some folks had a little too much to drink and it got out of hand. It's not the end of the...
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    Older Pool Halls

    Ron, I played at the Cue Ball in 1964. Wow, that's a long time ago. The current owner (Sergio) fixed it up pretty nice and I still stop by once in awhile as Sergio and I have known each other for more than 30 years.
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    Butera's closing.....

    It is very difficult to open a pool room in So Cal these days. Rents are high, permits are difficult to obtain and landlords are afraid to let pool rooms in their centers. One can easily pay $1.50/sq ft. or more and good luck with that. If we have any disruption in our economy (like covid)...
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    Has anyone ever heard of a Movie called THE PLAYER Starring Minnesota Fats in 1971

    we also have an original poster in our pool hall! our daughter found a copy on e bay, cheap. love to have it.
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    Rubbing the cue ball on the rail

    I learned something from Gabe Owen years ago. Clean the cueball from inside your front pocket. Just put the cueball inside your pocket and swish it around. This is especially good when getting to break the balls playing One Pocket.
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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    Chris grew up playing in my room in Ventura. Still does. Over the years I've watched hundreds of his hours practicing. I don't know his opponent but I have heard he has game. To me, if Chris gets the break down, watch out its match over. He can put packages together and whether he gets a shot...
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    Pool mechanic etiquette - guy's coming to back to fix an uneven table a few months later since he guarantees his work - do I tip?

    Be kind, give the guy a tip. If you trust his work, you may need him in the future and a small tip is a nice gesture.
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    Fred Guraino Passes

    My friend Freddy Guarino passed away this weekend. He was the former owner of Cuetopia in Las Vegas along with Mary Kenniston in the 1980's and 1990's. He was a pretty fair player in his own right and a friend for over 55 years. RIP FRED.