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    Location - Canada Magazines - 90's pool and billiard - billiards digest

    Hi everyone; I've been cleaning up some of my books and came across my small collection of P&B and Billiards Digest magazines. Generally all in good condition "I'm not a collector so these are not professionally graded per se". I am in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) - Canada (I anticipate...
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    FS: cue building dvd's and book

    Hi - I purchased the following items to learn more about cue building. I'd now like to pass them to someone who may find them useful. Joe Barringer - complete set of cue building DVD's below Introduction to Cue Building - 101 Proper Coring Techniques Proper Shaft Cutting Techniques Proper Tip...
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    league in sauga

    what current leagues/associations run out of mississauga, I am interested in joining a weekly team...I played CPA for half a season 2 years ago and I believe my HC was 6 or 7...anybody need a 6-7 handicap on their team? if so, send me an email