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  1. Jobear

    Very early 1900 Brunswick Snooker Table

    Best Place to sell very early 1900 Brunswick Snooker Table Very early 1900 Brunswick snooker table, also comes with a set of billiard rails. This was bought by my brother in law, in the late 50's or early 60's, out of a pool hall in San Bernardino I believe. It may need refinishing, as I...
  2. Jobear

    Short Rack

    Many years a go we used to play a short rack (four red balls) in snooker. Does anyone still do this? thanks
  3. Jobear

    1898 Snooker TAble

    I think I posted this somewhere but I can't find it so here goes again------ My brother in law in Colorado has a 1898 vintage snooker table he bought out of a pool hall many years ago in CA. He also got with it, a set of bolt on, billiard rails. What an awesome table. I remember a few years ago...