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    Eagles Cue, j/b and new 3x5 case

    I know little about this cue. The original owner said he bought it new over 20 or so years ago. Sharp points, 19 oz, 12.75 mm tip. shaft is straight, butt rolls of a little. New Zan tip. Elite jump Break 1 week old and new 3x5 case. $329 delivered stateside. photos coming, or text me at...
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    Cue identification

    Anyone ever saw this emblem. I'm thinking this was added later and wasn't originally meant to be there. I'm trying to add photos.text me at 903-921-0588
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    2x4 case

    This a nice 2x4 case. I dont know if its leather or not. Well taken care of, double zippered closure. It can hole a 62 inch cue as I have one and it fits. Two zzippered pouches, the bottom one large enough for a jump butt. 90 shipped priority mail. Its listed on ebay now.
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    leather wrap

    im looking for someone who can put a leather wrap on. I want a dark brown contact me at 409,454,1365.
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    wtb 3x5 or larger cue case

    I'm looking to buy a 3x5 or larger cue case. Will pay up to 225. Text photos or send pm. Shannon 409-454-1365
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    Richard Hsu for sale and extras.

    Custom Richard Hsu Tulip Wood. 18 oz, 12.25mm tip approx. My personal cue is 12.5 and this one is slightly smaller. Beautuful Tulip wood. Signed Richard Hsu 2012. This cue was sold at the Super Billiard Expo. It has played about 20 racks. Kamui Soft tip. Will add a jump break. It's a...
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    Items for sale

    I have a box case and two sneakys for sale. buy them all or individually. 1. 2x2 box case. nice case with no damage. 70 delivered 2. Varney conversion. I sent him a butt end and he converted it to a break jump $135 delivered 3. Hoppe ring sneaky. THis is a fine cue. Shaft is old growth...
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    Looking for Prather

    I'm in the market for a somewhat plain Prather. It can be a sneaky or a little more than a sneaky. I will not be back on the internet until 8pm so if you want you can text photos to 409-454-1365. Thanks
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    PayPal help

    it all worked out
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    Jump Break

    I sent a butt end to Kevin Varney that was slightly warped and had him convert it into a jump.break for my. He did a fantastic job of making it dang near straight and made a new shaft. the shaft I had was warped. Both shafts will come with the cue. $200 delivered in cont us.
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    2x2 box case

    2x2 box case with 2 keys. Case is in excellent condition. Minor wear. There is no name that I can find. $90 delivered in cont us.
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    alex brick j/b

    Excellent Alex Brick with phenolic tip and matching JP's $SOLD delivered in cont us
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    Excellent Sneaky. I don't know pin size. Tip is approx 12.6 and approx 19 oz. Hoppe Ring is not ivory. Kamui Soft tip and Varney Ferrul. Butt rolls so little hard to notice, shaft is straight. Was told it was an O'neil but I don't know. $225 delivered in cont us]
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    3 cues

    Alex Brick J/B. dymondwood. Phenolic tip. Excellent condition $240 Kevin Varney Conversion J/B. I sent Kevin a butt and he made me a jump break with one of his shafts. Doesn't have his name. $200 I have a sneaky pete with a non ivory hoppe ring and goncalvo alves. I was told it was an...
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    3 custom cues

    I have for sale an Alex Brick Break Jump Break with phenolic tip, If you've never used one, you will love it. a custom sneaky pete made of goncalvo alves and a sneaky pete that I had Kevin Varney make into a jump break. Text me for pictures, I can't get them on here. The Alex Brick is $240...
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    Huebler Sneaky

    I still can't get photos to download. I have a Huebler Sneaky. Excellent condition with a small nick in the butt. KC Custom Cue with 4 points. An old 70's Brunswick (I was told) rolls straight but the butt rolls off and the shaft isn't original to the butt. Also a Sneaky who I was told was...
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    Huebler Sneaky

    I have a Huebler Sneaky. One small nick in the butt, rolls straight, Also a hard case 2x2 in excellent condition with keys, a KC custom cue, 4 points, an old Brunswick and an old growth sneaky that is supposed to have been made by Terry Dean who supposedly worked for Olivier. The shaft on it is...
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    FS: 3rd Edition of the Blue Book of Pool Cues

    Shannon 409-454-1365. How would you like me to pay for it.