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  1. PAHustler

    Las Vegas Events

    I was wondering if any one knows about any events going on between May1-8
  2. PAHustler

    Gulyassy Custom 2012 Model

    This is a nice playing cue i purchased in April of this year made from curly mahogany with 10 ebony points 5 up and 5 down. Total cue weight is 17 oz. The shaft has a soft moori tip and a tiny ding in it from a metal bridge other than that the cue is still in brand new condition i am no longer...
  3. PAHustler

    WTB Predator 314

    Looking for a predator 314 shaft radial pin joint.
  4. PAHustler

    fs,Sledgehammer or trade

    Looking to sell my Mcdermott Sledge hammer jump break with a samsara jump break tip or trade for a predator 314 shaft with a radial pin joint. Thanks