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  1. wayfastwhitey

    Brumswick Titlist butt (parts) for sale cheap

    Hey guys I got this a while back, it's cool but I gotta get rid of some stuff so here you go! Cool conversation piece , no it's not straight or usable for converting. 50 bucks shipped obo so let me know! Thanks!
  2. wayfastwhitey

    FS 1x2 It's George case leather or pleather

    Hello AZer's case is sold THANKS AZERS
  3. wayfastwhitey

    WW Kornele cue FS + 80's level 3/4 Joss FS

    WW Kornele cue(sold) + 80's level 3/4 Joss OFFERS!!!!! ok guys/gals, I STILL have both of these cues I would like to sale with nice pictures now! check them out, tell me what is worng with them, i will take offers no matter what!! SOLD!payment pending1st is the WW / Steve kornele cue, it is...
  4. wayfastwhitey

    Kornele WW cue and 80's Joss on auction

    on the bay , here is the link and pics
  5. wayfastwhitey

    anybody have a key to fit my old its george case??

    thought maybe someone could sell me a key for one of my old case or point me the right way thanks wayfastwhitey
  6. wayfastwhitey

    wtb custom piloted 5/16 14 shaft

    antone have one for sale? no predators OB-1 or X shafts looking for a solid custom shaft for my old joss that has no straight shafts
  7. wayfastwhitey

    F/S JOSS 80's cue take a look

    I really rather not sell this cue but I never play with it and thought I would see if anyone was interested an in it. It is a 80's model Joss and i had it refinished by joss this year , the butt is perfect. it has 3 shafts one orig. with ivory ferrule and 12.5 mm tip (i think) 2nd shaft i got...
  8. wayfastwhitey

    is this a fair price???

    now the seller may be on here but i gotta hear some other oppinons..... i was looking for a cue with card suites and i talked to one cuemaker that had one he refinished but i did not get tht one i got a older kornele (ww) cue at a good price i thought at 600. it has spade inlays, that sound...
  9. wayfastwhitey

    Pechauer pro series cue for sale ps03 model

    brand new unchalked check out the pics, this cue retails for 400 an i now have it on ebay with no reserve at 1 dollar, cues really needs a new home click here thanks jimmy
  10. wayfastwhitey

    any used custom cases for sale? wtb nice case

    Hey does anyone have a custom case they would like to sale? like jack justis or similar? pm me with pics and price, i have to get myself a b day present and have some cash burning a hole in my pocket!
  11. wayfastwhitey

    WTB custom cue with card suite inlays, no meucci!!!!!

    Hi, I am looking to buy a nice custom cue that has card suite inlays (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) maybe with aces too but mainly the card suites do anyone have a cue like this for sale? if so let me know and give me a price (i do not want a adams or meucci, i want a CUSTOM cue) and i do...
  12. wayfastwhitey

    Hi I am looking for pool halls in central carolinas??? (moving)

    Hi, i figured this would be a good place to post and ask where the best pool halls were areound charlotte around 50 miles driving from there, i will probably be living in SC but right nearby. maybe Varney can tell me? or others , im looking for the best rooms for tournaments, leagues, and...
  13. wayfastwhitey

    Hi i have a Kevin Varney J/b for sale or trade!

    NEW PICS! Kevin Varney J/b for sale or trade! now with pics! its a pretty nice cue, its a kevin varney J/b that i have no use for since i have 2 other break cues(a SE and a Hoyt). standard sneaky pete type with no spray finish on it , taking offers and/or i would like to trade for a nice...
  14. wayfastwhitey

    pics of my old joss , looking for info though!

    Here are some pics of an old Joss I recently added to my collection, I picked it up and sent it to joss to have it refinished, turned out as good as new, and it hits great! does anyone know what model this might be? I guess it is a j model but it does not have the year beside the logo. would...
  15. wayfastwhitey

    gen 1 predator 314 shaft for sale, its gotta go!

    gen 1 predator 314 shaft for sale, its gotta go! 5/16 14 HI guys/ gals I have to sell this generation 1 314 shaft (5/16 14)and I would like to get 160 shipped OBO! Its straight, dent free and still have the original tip on it with little playing time, so guys let me know and we can get this...
  16. wayfastwhitey

    Danny Stout cue for sale or trade for J/B

    Hi, I have this Danny Stout cue I would like to sell, mainly because I just received my vinatge joss back from getting refinished at their shop. the cue is all birdseye maple and it has blue rings on the butt cap and the joint , the shaft does not have the blue ring and looks slightly bigger...
  17. wayfastwhitey

    early predator 314 shaft for sale.

    i have a early predator shaft for sale, with original tip, asking 120 plus shipping. p[lease pm me or email me at