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  1. jimmy-leggs

    Who would like to see Efren win the US Open?

    Wow just saw Efren beat the 2 time defending champ hill hill.Good to see Efren doing well in the US open,being a huge Efren fan,who would like to see the legend take this down? I WOULD He still amazes me.
  2. jimmy-leggs

    Reno open

    Wasnt this streamed last year?Nothing this year?
  3. jimmy-leggs

    Az billiards to this day still amazes me.

    To wake up and in my email theres a Happy Bithday sent.Makes ya feel like 1 big family. I hope everyone on here has a great year.
  4. jimmy-leggs

    What do you think of this absurd comment

    Earl telling Joe Rogan that pool is alot more difficult than golf................................................................................................................................................................................................... OMFG
  5. jimmy-leggs

    Question for tar

    Its says in the schedule page there will be free streaming for the grand masters today,is that true?And is the 1 pocket over or are the brackets up to date?and of course I'm paying for tomorrows coverage.:D
  6. jimmy-leggs

    Way to go Joanne Ashton

    This is just a shout out to my pal Jo for having a great tourny on the weekend.Proud of you girl.;) After a tough loss to Yu ram Cha for the hot seat and a hill hill loss to Susan Williams on the one loss final(which she should have won;)) you still played great and won some new fans. Congrats...
  7. jimmy-leggs

    Efren is Priceless

    forgetit cant seem to download it.
  8. jimmy-leggs

    Azb pokerstars xmas bash 2 dec.5

    Azb pokerstars xmas bash 2 dec.5 - Today, 10:46 AM Had a great time last night and good turn out I thought I would make another tourny for this sunday,Dec.5 WHERE-POKERSTARS TIME---18:30 MOUNTAIN TIME BUY-IN--$22 JUST GO TO TOURNIES,UNDER THAT IT SAYS "PRIVATE",SCROLL DOWN AND FIND "AZB...
  9. jimmy-leggs

    Azb december 1 poker tourny.....lets make this a big one.

    I will be setting up a Christmas AZB poker tourny for next Wednesday night.I thought I would try a weeknight this time,hopefully we can get LOTS of people in this one. LETS BREAK THE RECORD OF 28 PEOPLE. PLACE-POKERSTARS DATE-DECEMBER 1 TIME-6:30 P.M. MOUNTAIN TIME BUY IN -$22 Go into...
  10. jimmy-leggs

    Who here would love to see efren win the u.s. Open

    After all, with his age and not too many years left to compete against the younger talent emerging and this huge field of world crushers. Who here would love to see Efren win the u.s. open ? I KNOW I WOULD.:grin:
  11. jimmy-leggs

    Azb pokerstars championship is back

    I have had a couple of people ask me if we are going to do this tourny again..............well its back. WHEN-SUNDAY OCT.17 TIME-6:30 P.M. MT TIME SITE-POKERSTARS BUY-IN - $22 TOURNAMENT NAME-AZB CHAMPIONSHIP PASSWORD-poolplayer HOW TO FIND IT....GO TO TOURNIES,UNDER THAT CLICK ON...
  12. jimmy-leggs

    Tar ppv turnout ??????

    Justin,you were hoping for a good turnout for this event and had expressed a concern about future events if this one did'nt draw enough people. I hope for our sake you are getting enough to continue these TAR matches.
  13. jimmy-leggs

    Question for daz.............

    First,kudo's to you for playing Efren on his home turf.Sorry you did'nt win.But on facebook you mentioned "I learned alot". For us pool-a-holics,I was wondering in what aspect of the game did you mean by that comment. Thx Daz,I hope you read this.
  14. jimmy-leggs

    The break says it all in 10 ball.

    I watched that Efren/Gomez match last night.Great match,by the way.But the difference was definately the BREAK.The power break of Gomez was unbelievable. I really enjoy watching 10 ball over 9 ball due to the fact the BREAK is so important. Do the soft breakers(Efren) have any hope these days...
  15. jimmy-leggs

    Bval ???? Where are you???

    Just have'nt seen Bval posting recently.Hope everything is o.k.
  16. jimmy-leggs

    Vegas here we come........

    Well we had our Vegas trip play-offs saturday and sunday.We won 13-5,13-12(very intense match),13-8,but lost 13-11 on the A side final to win the trip.So we had one more shot on sunday in the B final and won 13-11. VEGAS HERE WE COME COME.:D
  17. jimmy-leggs

    Efren stories,encounters,meetings....

    I'm a huge fan of Efren and after his great accomplishments at this weeks DCC I wanted to start a thread and hear about some Efren stories,sightings,meetings,you know,just real-life stories to enlighten all of us Efren fans.:) IE:JoeyA story a few years back of sitting beside Efren on a flight...
  18. jimmy-leggs

    Orcollo vs pagulayan $40,000 a head.....

    Darren Appleton just posted on his facebook that Dennis and Alex just played for $40,000 a head 10 ball a few days ago. Alex came out on top of that one.Great to see Alex back in the game and to top it off beat Dennis. Sorry dont know all the perticulars,just relaying this news.
  19. jimmy-leggs

    Az billiards christmas poker tourny

    Well,we had another good turn-out considering it was Thanks Giving week-end in the states.So lets have a huge turn-out for the Christmas Tourny. DATE-DECEMBER 20 TIME-6 P.M. EASTERN(I'm starting it 2 hours earlier so our friends from Europe can play as well) SITE -POKERSTARS FORMAT-NO LIMIT...
  20. jimmy-leggs

    Az billiards classic poker tournament #2

    Its on again...... DATE-NOVEMBER 29 TIME-8 P.M. EASTERN PLACE-POKERSTARS BUY-IN-$22 FORMAT-NO LIMIT We had a great turn-out,lets see if we can do it again.We all had alot of fun,so lets do it again. Just go into pokerstars tournies,find private tourny,scroll down and you will find AZ...