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  1. eDionisio

    2017 US Open Straight Pool Championship Photos I was fortunate enough to take some photos from this years tournament. see you at the next tournament ~ E.
  2. eDionisio

    pool on new york tv this morning (ewa)

    fyi, i just found out that a local nyc channel had Ewa come on tv for a live performance. enjoy
  3. eDionisio

    world pool efren/busta vs morra/pag the feed is bad ... but its a damn good match .. its live right now .. e.d. and the stream is dead .... f#$k !
  4. eDionisio

    my 11 year wait ... down to one week ! My SW !

    Hi folks, So frustrating, but must have self control... I ordered two SW cues, on Nov. 2000 from a grungy pool room in ny. Completely wrote them off by 2006/7 then in nov 2010, i get a letter from laurie franklin, telling me there ready to start working on my two cues ! the first cue is...