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  1. xianmacx

    WTB - 5/16x 14 shaft

    Looking for a maple shaft, 5/16x14 with no collar or plain ring. 13mm. Thanks, Ian
  2. xianmacx

    cuemakers taking shaft orders?

    Hello Cuemakers, I am looking to order a few maple shafts. Basic ringwork, no ivory. Any cuemakers on here taking shaft orders? Thanks, Ian
  3. xianmacx

    Tascarella Sneaky Petes

    Just received these from Pete. One is rosewood, other is Ebony.
  4. xianmacx

    Traditional style builder

    Many of the traditional builders seem to have retired. I am looking to have an old school, steel joint with delrin cue built. Any builders on here like to build in that style? Looking for a few month turn around. Thanks, Ian
  5. xianmacx

    60's maple TAD

    I've been searching for a maple TAD with fancy butt. Just got one in the mail. It was built in the 60's with 2 new shafts in 2012 by TAD. Very nice cue.
  6. xianmacx

    next project "bicentennial cue"

    Ebony Rounceville blank and some rings...
  7. xianmacx

    Full Splice Blank collection

    Hello, I've always loved Full splice cues. I received 4 Rounceville blanks today, his work is incredible. Look at those return points! 4 Rounceville, a Prather and 2 titlist
  8. xianmacx

    WTB Scruggs or JMW sneaky

    Looking for a scruggs or james white sneaky pete. The only requirement is a 13 mm shaft. Thanks, Ian
  9. xianmacx

    Tascarella Titlist

    Just delivered from the Petes today. The blank was an unturned titlist and I provided the red rings. What else can you say about Tascarella, the best cues and even better people to deal with.
  10. xianmacx

    Satin /oil rubbed sneaky

    Looking for an oil rubbed sneaky pete. 13mm shaft. Thanks, Ian
  11. xianmacx

    WTB - ebony hoppe tasc - 59"

    trying to track down my old tasc. Its 59" purple and blue veneers. Open to other 59" tascarellas.
  12. xianmacx

    WTB - 59" cues

    Hi, Interested in buying a few 59" cues. Must be even split. Tascarellas and other traditional cues... Thanks, Ian
  13. xianmacx

    Joint ring measurement

    Hi Cuemakers, I am having some joint protectors made and I would like to get the rings to match. Do you know the standard thickness of the black rings used on traditional cues? Bushkas, Motteys, Tascs etc? I believe the nickel ring is .06, but not sure the 2 surrounding black rings.
  14. xianmacx

    WTB - Plain tad or titlist tad

    Hello, Looking for a titlist tad or a birdseye tad with fancy butt. Thanks, Ian
  15. xianmacx

    Gold Crown 1 vs Gold Crown 2

    Good Morning, This post is to share my experiences and research on a frequently discussed topic: Is this a GC1 or 2? I am not a mechanic, just a Gold crown fan and everything below is my opinion. My opinion was formed based on documentation from Brunswick as well as hands on inspection of 4...
  16. xianmacx

    WTB - Meucci pogo - black

    Looking to buy a black meucci pogo jump cue. Thanks, Ian
  17. xianmacx

    replacement bumper

    Hey guys, looking for a replacement bumper to have an extension made. Is this a standard bumper? Can't seem to find one... Thanks, Ian
  18. xianmacx

    Brunswick gold crown nameplate

    Looking for a Gold crown 1/2 name plate. The metal one, peach in color. Only interested in very good condition. Not interested in reproduction. Thanks, Ian
  19. xianmacx

    extension for tascarella hoppe?

    Hello, I have a bumperless Tascarella hoppe with chrome weight bolt. I would like to get a screw in extension for it. Does anyone make an extension for this without permanent modification of cue? Thanks, Ian
  20. xianmacx

    Wtb - kelli and engles cases

    Looking for kelli cases or small tube engles cases. Thanks, Ian