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  1. Ih82luz

    Professional Lessons

    What was the best advice you received in a lesson that improved your pool ability?
  2. Ih82luz

    Marco Island pool....?

    Going to Marco for a few days. Does anyone know where the closest pool hall, or public pool table is located?
  3. Ih82luz

    Linen wrap-developing a groove

    My cue has a linen wrap, and it feels as if it is developing grooves where I hold it in my fingers. Has this happened to anyone else? Does linen develop grooves? How long should a linen wrap last, before needing replaced?
  4. Ih82luz

    Break cues on 7' tables

    Watching some recorded events on YouTube, and I noticed players using their playing cue to break. Is a break cue needed on a 7' table?
  5. Ih82luz

    Central Indiana APA tables

    This weekend was the Indiana APA Invitaitional. The venue was great. The competition was great. Playing on Diamon tables was great. As a Central APA player I believe we were at a disadvantage. We play on Valley tables, and a lot of the players at the event were from neighboring states, where...
  6. Ih82luz

    the Derby City Classic, ESPN, and the Majors of Pool

    What does it take for ESPN to pick up the Derby City Classic? The Derby City Classic is a Major Pool Tournament. The Majors of Pool Tournaments (?) The Mosconi Cup=Ryder Cup The U.S. Open=The US Open The Derby City Classic=The Masters The World Cup of Pool=The British Open What say YOU!
  7. Ih82luz

    Pocket Reduction on a Olhausen GC 3

    I'm looking to have my pockets reduced to BCA tournament standards on my table. The mechanic is using the Accu fast rail, and will cut to size the rubber. Any concerns I should have on the end product?
  8. Ih82luz

    Pro Shop

    Are there any billiard pro shops? One thing that I haven't found is a place where you can demo a cue, or for that matter a table.
  9. Ih82luz

    Grand Champion 3 pockets

    Olhausen has a new pocket for the GC3, but I believe it has a high back profile and it's not as low as the standard plastic bucket. Does anyone know if a Diamond bucket/pocket would be compatible with the Olhausen?
  10. Ih82luz

    Olhausen "upgraded" pockets

    I have a Olhausen Grand Champion 3 pool table. The pockets/buckets on my table are plastic. Whenever you pocket a ball you get the plastic "clack" when a ball drops. I put 3 layers of felt in the bottom of the bucket, and I get a "thud" rather than a "clack", but it's still not what I want...
  11. Ih82luz

    Cue Ball against the rail..

    One of the toughest shots for me is when the cue ball is up against the rail and the object ball is +1/2 table away. Are there any good lessons or drills out there that can help with this situation?:confused:
  12. Ih82luz

    How to prepare for a tournament

    I'm a month away from a tournament, and I want to prepare for it so I can feel ready. My thought was to work on cue ball control drills, breaking, cut shots, and league play to get me ready. I also have a few friends over to play games against them during the week to gauge my progress. How do...
  13. Ih82luz

    Where's Shane and Earl?

    I was looking at the brackets for the US Open and didn't see Van Boening or Strickland listed. Did these two not register to play in this event?
  14. Ih82luz

    Happiness is....

    New Simonis felt on the Olhausen GC III, in the Garage Mahal!
  15. Ih82luz

    Advice on Finding a League Team

    I'm trying to get onto a team for the Indianapolis APA league. I've posted on their League website as a player looking for a team, but haven't received any leads. I haven't been on a league before, therefore I have no handicap established. How do others get onto teams? Is there a "handicap"...