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  1. frankwhite

    Who Won @ RAXX

    Anyone know who won @ Raxx this weekend. Predator Tour ???
  2. frankwhite

    How bout those bronx bombers baby

    Oh yea baby, another under the belt.............
  3. frankwhite

    Donnie Mills.........Rather get the 7-ball

    Donnie, Would you play....... "7" ball neutral racker w/ 10 games on the "wire"????
  4. frankwhite

    Super Mini Expo @ Comet Billiards in N.J.

    I would like to take the time to announce a mini expo taken place at Comet Billiards to try and stop another "GREAT" poolroom from shutting there doors. I have been w/ Bill Haley since day one, and feel the need to post this. COMET BILLIARDS 233 LITTLETON ROAD PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY March...
  5. frankwhite

    Tony Wins !!!!

    Great shootin cuzin......Came with some great shots, represent..............:thumbup: Frankie
  6. frankwhite

    Hey, Mike Webb.....

    What's up Mike, Frankie here. I just finally purchased one of your master pieces. I love it, thanks for your great work. I will see ya up at Turning Stone. Frankie
  7. frankwhite

    Used Brunswick 8ft. for sale

    Please call 201-675-0956 if interested. I have a few pics available upon request. Thanx, Frankie
  8. frankwhite

    What's Good

    What's goin on cousin? Hope everything is well, you and yours!
  9. frankwhite

    Slivka Wins Blaze Final !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry Slivka wins Blaze Tour Final at Atlantic City Billiards Club......... Second Place - Mike Davis Third Place - Up and commer Joey Testor Fourth Place - Allen Hopkins
  10. frankwhite

    The Dynamic Dice Duo

    Keither, what's good? Frankie here. Listen I'll see you in Maidoff's joint this weekend. No craps table, what are we gonna do?????? Later, Frankie(NYC)