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  1. cookie man


    Anyone know who holds the record for saying "science" in a sentence the most in one day? I think we have a contender on AZ.
  2. cookie man

    Another thought

    Does anyone know a Pro pool player that cares about the science in his aiming process. I mean all you really hear from a Pro is i just do it. With the exception of Efren of course. There is testimony that he teaches centers and edges from a credible source.
  3. cookie man

    Just wondering

    In light of recent postings and non postings, and given the fact that PJ, Dan, and Lou have been absent from the debacle called the aiming forum. If and this is a wild guess, are those 3 pitching in and paying Frenchy to post for them. Crazy thought i know but highly possible with the way things...
  4. cookie man

    I think

    That Dan White was drunk while he was posting replies last night lmao.
  5. cookie man

    dan white

    Dan White is making false accusations about me in the main forum. I never stated Stan's book is out. I said yes a book is out, never ever said it was Stan's book.
  6. cookie man

    brian and others enjoy
  7. cookie man

    back to pivoting
  8. cookie man


    Any of you aiming guys switch over to the carbon fiber shafts? Results or opinions about them?
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  10. cookie man

    Happy Thanksgiving

    May your only obsession today be your obsession with Turkey. Turkey love everyone!!!!!!!! And gravy, got to show the gravy some love. GO MOSCONI CUP TEAM USA !!!!!!
  11. cookie man

    u s amatuers

    any posters in here coming to Tampa for the Amatuers november 8-10?
  12. cookie man

    A challenge to English

    So you've been back about a week with a full out attack on CTE. Yep, your head is cocked sideways, your little chest is all pumped out, you are standing tall on a step stool. Hundred or so posts, most claiming that CTE does not stand the test of science. But what we are not seeing is any actual...
  13. cookie man

    A nice podcast interview

    Mosconi Cup player Tyler Styer
  14. cookie man

    pj <- but I'm still righ

    So lets hear your aiming system in complete detail. Please include details of your "accurate estimation" process
  15. cookie man

    Ok BC 21

    You asked for it. What exactly is poolology and how do you put it to good practice use.
  16. cookie man

    U S Amatuers

    That "hurricane Abe" kid put on quite a show to win it. Congrats Abrin Schaad
  17. cookie man


    Any aiming people going to be in vegas for the APA masters august 13-18
  18. cookie man


    This was posted in another thread "I hate to keep saying it but the only system (other than possibly Tucker's) that links the balls on the table to the pocket location is Poolology. This is done by using the rails and doing some math. This is about as close as you can get to a...
  19. cookie man

    2 of the 14 finalists for the Mosconi Cup

    Are CTE users.
  20. cookie man

    New Mike Massey technique New way of shooting shots with the qb next to the ob