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  1. d.sommers

    Nova Titlist & TNS jump/break

    TNS jump/break like new, made in 2015 -58" -13mm tip -modified 3/8x10 pin at both locations -not sure on weight but I'm guessing 19oz -asking $350 Nova titlist conversion with 2 original shafts -somewhere between 58" and 59" -13 and 12.75mm shafts -the 13mm is straight -the 12.75mm shaft has...
  2. d.sommers

    Brunswick butterfly conversion

    Made by chuck starkey -2 shafts -shaft 1 is 29" with ferrule -shaft 2 is 30" no ferrule -both are right around the 13mm mark -antler butt cap and joint -big wooden joint pin -rear extension Asking $350 or trade Looking for cues/butts with 5/16x14 piloted stainless joint (Merry Widow or sneaky)...
  3. d.sommers

    Break Cue

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a good dedicated breaker. Mostly looking at mezz, pechauer, OB, and predator but I'm open to others as well. No jump/breaks. No rubber wraps. I have a Willie Speed dufferin conversion and or a Frey sneaky for trade. Anyone seriously interested in trading can...
  4. d.sommers

    Brunswick gold crown 2000

    Hey everyone. I just got a gold crown 2000 bar table. Some of the rail inserts are missing and I was wondering if any of you table mechanics can point me in the right direction on fixing/replacing them. Also if anyone can give me a history lesson on these tables I would appreciate it as I...
  5. d.sommers

    Brunswick Gold Crown 2000

    I just picked up a gold crown bar box. I'm working on taking it apart so I can move it from my garage to my basement. Upon taking the rails off I noticed the brass insert in the back of the rail is missing on a couple of my rails. What is the best way to repair this as the previous owner just...
  6. d.sommers

    OB Lift pro

    Hey everyone I hope this isn't the wrong place to ask but no one at OB cues has responded to this question I have. I recently picked up the lift pro and upon testing it out the tip flew off and I couldn't find it. The shaft on that cue has the laminated ferrule but its hollow inside. Just...
  7. d.sommers

    Jacoby 3pc jump cue

    Hey everyone. I have a like new jacoby jump cue. Its the 3 piece model stained brown. I bought it new a few months ago and would like to try something else for a while. I can get pics to anyone interested but its still in basically new condition. -mainly looking to trade for: OB lift pro...
  8. d.sommers

    GTF 2x4, Starkey, Duff conversion

    Willie Speed Dufferin conversion 3/8x10 pin 1 shaft around 12.75 mm 60" bumper less $300 GTF 2x4 brown vinyl fully functional clean inside clearly used $160 Package deal $430 shipped in the lower 48 I'll try to get some pictures up soon but p.m. me your phone or email and I can get you...
  9. d.sommers

    JB Case & Shafts

    For Sale JB Cases -ultimate rugged -3x6 -used but very clean inside and out -$old Jacoby Edge Hybrid -30" -12-12.5mm at tip -5/16/14 schon -$old Schon -unmarked with silver ring -30" -12-12.5 at tip -micarta ferrule -$120 Schon -29" -13mm *ferrule was trimmed down to tennon at some point...
  10. d.sommers

    Gilbert, Starkey FS/FT

    **2 Gilberts and a JB Case** ..................$old..................
  11. d.sommers

    WTB Andy Gilbert plain jane

    Basically as the title states. I just picked up a gilbert jump break. Even with the phenolic tip/ferrule it plays damn good so I'm looking for a plain gilbert player. Linen, leather, or wrapless is fine. Must have at least one original shaft. It can have blueing or a few knicks/scratches...
  12. d.sommers


    Has anyone tried his jump/break cues? If so what are your thoughts? Thanks Dustin
  13. d.sommers

    Chuck Starkey

    A while back I bought a Brunswick butterfly conversion from Chuck Starkey. I was curious as to how the wood pin would feel and I was so impressed that I decided to order another shaft for it. The new shaft I ordered was a 30" no-ferrule shaft. Chuck really encourages people to try the no...
  14. d.sommers

    FS/FT Schon STL-4

    I have a basically new stl-4 for sale or trade. I don't shoot with this cue much so I figured I'd try to find it a new home. The shaft is new and maybe hit a racks worth of balls. Everything is straight and clean with no Knicks or dings. Asking $(trade pending) shipped or I am open to...
  15. d.sommers

    WTB JB case

    My chuck starkey brunswick butterfly conversion needs its own space. I'm looking for a 2x4 or smaller JB case. I'd like a leather 1x2 with an 8" pocket but I also like the looks of the Chas or Mason style cases. I'm not ruling out a rugged either but I'd like to see what my leather options...
  16. d.sommers

    FS Leon Sly merry widow

    Up for sale is an early Leon Sly merry widow. I have confirmed with Leon that this is one of his even though the logo is just an "S" as opposed to the usual "SLY". Butt: honey/brown stained bird's eye maple with linen wrap and delrin butt cap Shafts: One shaft is un-played the other has seen...
  17. d.sommers

    LTT for Schon

    I am looking to trade into a Schon STL-1. Specifically I am looking for(in order of most to least desirable): exotic wood series in purpleheart exotic wood series in ebony STL-1g, grey stain or just the plain STL-1 Butt only is fine, but would prefer at least one shaft. My goal is to thin out...
  18. d.sommers

    Leon Sly Purple Heart Full Splice

    cue has been traded
  19. d.sommers

    joint protectors-Jim Baxter

    just got 2 sets in from jim baxter. they fit great, they match my cues really well, and he is a good guy to do business with. try him out sometime. -Dustin
  20. d.sommers

    WTB Ultraskin tips

    if its pool related and not on page one of a google search i figure you guys can point me in the right direction. i recently picked up a Sly sneaky that i really really like and its got an ultraskin tip. I'd like to have a few more for when i do need a replacement. i live in the middle of...