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    Question on discussing pros

    Why do some of you think it's so bad to talk about pros and their performance? If someone comments Johnny Archer is annoying cause he picks lent constantly or Berreta is slow, or someone played bad at the Mosconni cup, why shouldn't we talk about it, on a pool forum ?? Those of you who are...
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    Red negative rep

    If you have gotten a red bar from me, just wanted to say I am sorry! Have mistakenly left a few members red negative bars when I meant to leave green positive bar, I haven't purposely left anyone a red.
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    Billiard Palace, Albuquerque

    What a nice function.
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    7' leisure bay pool table, any tips for breakdown?

    Hi, so I am just getting back into playing pool after a 15 year hiatus, I found a 7' slate leisure bay in decent shape, which is a good size for the area I have available. The brand isn't to popular, I was wondering if anyone has experience with them, and might have some thoughts or tips for...