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    Want to trade for Cuetec Breach or Dakotah edition cue

    Wanting to trade for cuetec breach or dakotah edition cue or possibly some other type of carbon fiber shaft and break cue i have quite a few custom cues that i would be willing to trade. Send me a PM if anyone is interested. Thanks
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    Kaizen Billiards Georgetown Kentucky

    If you are in the area check out Kaizen Billiards in Georgetown Kentucky. All Diamond tables and an awesome staff. Always very helpful stop in and say hello to Chris and tell him Johnny says Hello
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    Thank You

    Just wanted to say a quick thank you still can not believe I won something. Glad to be an AZ member.
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    Break Practice

    I know there is a device to practice your break without constantly reracking balls. If i recall it is a ball on some type of a tether system anyone know what it is called ?
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    CNC Lathe

    I saw a lathe on here awhile back that was made by one of our members cannot find the post on it now could someone please point me in the right direction. It was computer controlled and the video showed them turning shafts on it I believe. Thanks
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    Written Cases for sale

    Looking for a nice Whitten case at least 2x4 or larger
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    Ok i bought a lathe I think it is a porper not sure yet on that. I am still unpacking everything planning on doing tips and ferrules to start. So i thought i would ask all of you professionals what you think and where to get info . I was a machinist for 25 years but i have never worked with...
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    The American Eightball Association

    Does anyone remember this pool league I believe it went under but was an earlier league than most maybe 20 years ago ?