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    Full splice butterflys blanks

    I am sure those will be beautiful.
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    Reconditioned shaft

    Perhaps you should mention this guys name and the room he works out of. I bet he would appreciate it.
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    Verl Horn Cue for sale Burton Spain Forearm No longer for sale

    Those are nice,had one just like it and a few other Horn cues I was lucky enough to spend a few afternoons with Verl when I was in the Air Force stationed at Altus. Verl was a good cuemaker and a really great story teller.
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    Are jump break cues not as good as break cues for breaking?

    Just play one hole,no need for a jump/break cue.
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    Golf versus Pool

    When I used to play in tournaments I always dressed nice,casual and comfy . I always had the mindset that it can't hurt my game to dress decently. I never put much thought into clothes when I was hitting balls at a local hall.
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    Sold Custom built Dufferin Hoppe Sneaky Pete

    I just had a sneaky made from a Duff house cue without veneers. Mine looks like a house cue unless you look close,no collar ,just a brass insert in the shaft with a 3/8 x 10 pin. It feels very solid as you would expect from a full splice cue. I would not sell mine for $275 and it has just 1...
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    Anyone with any experience buying a table out of state?

    A few years ago I bought a GC1 and drove around 500 miles to pick it up. I met the seller halfway. The table was in his Suburban and we reloaded it into my Tundra with a 6 foot bed.There were no issues at all with making it fit. I did put the rails and the plastic skirting inside.Frame and...
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    Tips to install rubber bumper in cue?

    I think some lube would help. Perhaps you should ask this in the ask the cuemaker area.
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    Bob Owen "Balabushka trbute" exc cond

    Hi Don, nice cue. I sure am happy with my Owen tribute, Bob makes a great playing cue .
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    What kind of cue please !

    I Had one just like it,laid it down on the table and never saw it again.
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    Custom Sneaky Pete plans, am I missing anything?

    I am also having a s/p made by Randall Busbee .. The butt will be from a Duff 1 piece cue I sent him. It will have joint collars and rings for a bit less worry about splitting. I gave Randall some general specs ie around 19 oz ,12.75 mm shaft . I pretty much left it to him to build it however...
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    Sand Springs, Ok...........................$$$

    Too bad ,reminds me of a song or two..Livin on the edge or worse...Another one bites the dust.
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    Sand Springs, Ok...........................$$$

    I loved the Ok pool scene when I lived in the Sooner state.I hope some good video of Matlock comes out of this. Perhaps J Walden will make an appearance.
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    Shaun your cues are finished...

    You are truly a master craftsman.
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    GC's...$1300/ea OBO at Rusty's Arlington

    I would bet there has been a lot of action on those tables .I was only there a handful of times but good players were everywhere.
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    My new Bludworth should be here tomorrow

    I have owned a couple of Donald Bludworth cues many years ago. I bought a sneaky and a pretty elaborate cue from him at his old shop in Quitman Tx . There were always many Bluds...both Leonard and Dons for sale in the N Tex Okla area. Good players .
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    If you could have any Cue in the World? What would your dream Cue be?

    I would have D Searing make a cue with a butt of African Blackwood and shafts made of platinum...the inlays joint and ferrules would be of the finest unicorn horn..This being just a dream I would like a pigskin wrap made from a football the Browns will win the super bowl with. I am sure my...
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    Traditional style builder

    There will be so many thoughts on this the OP biggest issue will be how much do you want to spend or are you willing to wait years or be put on a waiting list for a Searing or Showman .
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    L R Ar pool scene

    I saw that many places open at 5,closed on Sundays even. I am an older retired to play early.
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    Traditional style builder

    I have a steel joint Owen. I could not be happier. The cue is very well made and plays as well as any cue I have owned. You may also consider a G Bierbower,very traditional designs and a lot of cue for the money. There have been a few for sale on AZB recently.