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  1. Jobba786

    Erwin cues

    I am looking for Erwin cues. Now I am on 14, soon 15, but still looking. -Jon Birger
  2. Jobba786

    LIVE STREAM 10 BALL RT8 Norwegian 1st division west

    final starts soon -Jon Birger
  3. Jobba786

    Alex Pagulayan and OB Cues

    Hi! I was wondering if somebody knows whether Alex Pagulayans sponsorship with OB Cues has ended. I see his named has been removed from the list of OB-players on, and during the last tournaments including US Open it looks like he breaks with another cue, and that he alternates...
  4. Jobba786

    Erwin Collection

    Some nice hitting cues here from great cuemakers: 1. Scott Erwin: Ebony and purpleheart, 1 Erwin and 1 OB shaft, 3/8x10, 2014 2. Mike Erwin: Cocobolo and grimelia, 2 shafts, 3/8x10 3. Mike Erwin: Cocobolo, 2 shafts, 5/16x18 4. Erwin: Vermillion and snakewood, 1 shaft, 5/16x18, 2013 5. Mike...
  5. Jobba786

    WTT Pierce and Baxter

    TRADED!!! It is time to try something different.I want to trade both or one of these cues for a custom cue. 1. Jim Pierce 2012, black and white ebony, segmented leather wrap, nice ringwork. Butt 15.30 oz adjustable Shaft 1 4.00 oz 13 mm Ivory ferrule, Tiger Sniper Tip Shaft 2 3.50 oz 13 mm...
  6. Jobba786

    OB lift and rift shafts

    I have an OB jump cue and wonder what is the difference between this shaft and the new break shaft (rift controll)? Is it only the tip? Thanks in advance, Jon Birger
  7. Jobba786

    WTB Samsara J/B tips

    I am looking for about 5 Samsara Jump and Break tips. Thanks, Jon Birger
  8. Jobba786

    OB Lift Pro Jump Cue

    I just received it today and felt for writng a very short review. It is easy to jump and control the ball with. The weight is around 10oz. Both pins are short 3/8x10, and the shaft is solid maple (not laminated). There are no inserts in the joints. The tip (OB jump tip?) is a bit short...
  9. Jobba786

    Carolina Custom Cues website down

    Hi! Does anybody know what has happened to Carolina Custom Cues? Their website is down: Thanks, Jon Birger
  10. Jobba786

    WTT two Prulhiere cues

    TRADED I am looking to trade my Prulhiere custom cue wrapless (ebony and black limba) and my Prulhiere ebony with 4 points. Both cues have 3/8x10 pins and one shaft. TRADED Cue # 5 -Jon Birger
  11. Jobba786

    Scott Erwin purpleheart break cue

    I received the cue about 3-4 weeks ago and have now tested it both during practice and competition. My first impression was what a nice cue. It is a plane jane with nice ringwork and textured leather wrap. The purpleheart shaft is heavy, about 5oz and very stiff. It came with a white diamond...
  12. Jobba786

    WTB tapping template

    Hi, I am looking for a tapping template/ racking mat similiar to this one: Anyone having such a template for sale or any advices on where I should look? Thanks in advance, Jon Birger
  13. Jobba786

    Short review on Fuji soft tip by Longoni

    The Fuji soft tip came packed in plastic bag (air protection). It did install quite easy. The hit is nice on a solid maple shaft, it holds chalk well, and it plays as a good soft tip should do. -Jon Birger
  14. Jobba786

    Looking for Erwin cues

    Hi! I have about 8-9 Erwin cues, most of them made by Mike, and I like them a lot. I want information, stories and offers on cues made by both Mike and Scott - cues in any condition. Thanks, Jon Birger
  15. Jobba786

    WTB Molinari cue extension kit for Predator

    Anyone having this for sale or could recommend an online store? Thanks, Jon Birger
  16. Jobba786

    WTT Predator P3 White with wrap

    I have a Predator P3 White with wrap #471/500 in good used condition that I want to trade. The cue comes with one 314-2 shaft, one Z-2 shaft, weight cartridge set and Predator joint protectors (one for butt, two for shafts). What I am looking for in possible cue for trade: 3/8x10 or 5/16-14...
  17. Jobba786

    WTB Masse cue

    I am looking for a masse cue. It may be a used one. I have received some feedback on the main forum: -Jon Birger
  18. Jobba786

    Masse cue/ shaft

    I am looking for opinions. I would like to try a masse cue, and I am unsure how to approach it. I see there are masse shafts for sale that can be attachted to a 3/8x10 pinned butt. Anyone with experience on using a masse shaft on a regular pool butt? I any case any suggestions on where I...
  19. Jobba786

    WTT Erwin cue

    I am looking for Erwin cues or other custom cues. The reason I want to trade this one, is that the butt sleeve is slightly longer than what I prefer. The cue is in very good condition. 3/8x10 pin. -Jon Birger
  20. Jobba786

    WTB jump cue

    I just sold my Predator Air, so I am looking for a jump cue. I would prefer a custom made jump cue. -Jon Birger