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  1. pletho

    ISO : Rick Howard

    Show me what you got UNDER $1000
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    RIck Howard - Tulipwood and Ebony

    Looking for a Tulipwood and Ebony RIck Howard
  3. pletho

    ISO - Rick Howard Ebony and Tulipwood

    ISO - Rick Howard Ebony and Tulipwood what ya got for a deal out there in cue land ...
  4. pletho

    ISO - RIck Howard Ebony and Tulipwood

    Delete Please Delete Please
  5. pletho

    Rick Howard - Madagascar Ebony

    Rick Howard Cue Madagascar Ebony $OLD includes Shipping and Insurance NO TRADES Great Condition Black Leather Wrap 3/8 11 Brass Pin Almost 20'OZ with Shaft on Cue Shaft 1 12.7 MM / 29 inches Shaft 2 12.7 Mm / 29 inches Butt of Cue 30.25 inches from end of butt bumper to tip of joint pin
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    Side Pockets Pro Classic - $10,000 ADDED

    Side Pockets North Open Nineball Side Pockets North - Kansas City Missouri February 21 - 23, 2020 Contact Tournament Director Jeff Assel for More Info 816-935-5872
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    Pool Cue Sales People

    Recently had a guy responding to my post regarding me looking for a Rick Howard cue - he wants to know my budget and how much I want to spend. Bwah ha ha ha ... Seriously what astute BUYER is going to tell a seller how much money they are willing to spend? That's the most idiotic thing I've...
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    Show Me Your Rick Howard's For Sale

    Show me your Rick Howard's for sale...
  9. pletho

    ISO Rick Howard Cue

    Show me what ya got....
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    Cliff Joyner Fundraiser Tournament - Sept 12-16, 2018

    Your encouraged to sign-up and pre-register via Paypal. The information is at the bottom of the flyer. This should be a GREAT event! We will be doing other things to generate $$ for this Fundraiser, some will be announced at the tournament and some will be announced publicly when we have...
  11. pletho

    Like Champion One Pocket?

    I cant be there but I can watch a MONSTER ONE POCKET FIELD with TV Mike you should be watching too if you love to watch or play one pocket.... John Morra Tony Chohan Chip Compton Joey Gray Justin Bergman Billy Thorpe John Hennessee Danny Smith Jeremy Jones Cliff Joyner Gabe Owen LV Abernathy...
  12. pletho

    Rocket City Open - January 3-7, 2018 $5000 Guaranteed!

    Rocket City Open - $5000 Guaranteed! Januarry 3-7, 2018 Good Timez Billiards Hunstville, Alabama 6241 UNIVERSITY DR. STE D HUNTSVILLE, AL 35806 (256) 270-7279 One Pocket Nineball Tenball All Back To Back !!! ---------------------------- Rocket City Open 2018 Hunstville, AL (2 Hours South of...
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    Last Chance for Custom Hoodie Order This Year!

    I need 12 orders to make this happen......... I accept Paypal and Credit Card over the phone...
  14. pletho

    Polos - Action 24/7 - Custom Team Shirts Available Also

    Pick any Action 24/7 Design for Back Action 24/7 Logo on Left Chest and Left Arm Custom Team Shirts Available Also.... Full Sublimation - Team Discounts for 8 or More Shirts Ordered
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    Action 24/7 - 1/4 ZIPS

    I am putting an order together and I need 12 orders to make this happen... I have 3 so far, let me know if you want one. I accept Paypal and CC over the phone... Thanks
  16. pletho

    Rocket City Open - January 3-7, 2018

    Rocket City, Music City and Derby City Classic...... ALL 3 in a row.... back to back............... starting January 3, 2018
  17. pletho

    Rick Howard - 8 Point Tulipwood and Ebony

    !!!!!!! - SOLD - !!!!!!! Tulipwood & Ebony 8 Points - 4 high and 4 low 3/8 11 Rolls Straight Together and Apart Rarely Used but not brand new !!!!!!! - SOLD - !!!!!!!
  18. pletho

    Action 24/7 Track Jackets

    Looking for 12 Orders - Who wants one? 1. Robert Showman 2. Chris Shipley 3. Darian Lacoste 4. Toby Price 5. David Riley 6. 7. 8. 9. 10 11. 12. I accept Paypal - Credit Card and Walmart to Walmart Allow 3-4 Weeks for Delivery
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    Signature Links ?

    For over the past 2 years I have had in my signature area the name of my business "Action 24/7 Custom Pool & Billiard T-Shirts" which is a live link to my Facebook Business page for my company. I was just asked to remove it and that it was against the rules? I haven't seen any rules regarding...
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    New Action 24/7 T-Shirt "Running Racks and Building Stacks"

    Taking Pre-Orders: $25 per shirt + shipping I need 24 signed and paid before I can place the order. Sizes Available: ---------------------- S - 6XL 4XL (Available only in Black, Charcoal Heather, Royal Blue, Red) 5XL (Available only in Charcoal Heather, Red) 6XL (Available only in Charcoal...