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  1. Snookered007

    ahhh Those Craigslist Finds

    A must have holiday gift....:p
  2. Snookered007

    Does anyone have....

    A recording of the 2009 Mosconi Cup Day 1 from ESPN (preferably on DVD). I need the first day to complete the broadcast. My computer didn't record it :( I will cover the shipping :thumbup: PM me if you can help. Thanks.
  3. Snookered007

    Brunswick Ivory Billiard Balls

    I found this add while browsing through Craigslist. minneapolis craigslist > ramsey co > for sale / wanted > antiques BRUNSWICK IVORY BALLS - $1500 (WHITE BEAR LAKE) Date: 2009-11-28, 2:29PM CST I HAVE A SET OF BRUNSWICK -BALKE-COLLENDER IVORY CAROM BALLS IN THE ORIGINAL DOVETAILED WOODEN...
  4. Snookered007

    Circa-1930 Darted Ivorylene Balls

    I got these the other day, sometimes Craigslist can be fun. :thumbup: Love that seven ball :)
  5. Snookered007

    Right Place Right Time

    I would like to share a couple of photos of my most recent find. A Willie Hoppe Titlist one piece. I can't wait to have it converted (after I save up the money that is. :rolleyes:)
  6. Snookered007

    G-10 Pins?

    Hello, I was wondering if some of the cue builders, could tell me how they feel using a G-10 pin effects the overall cue? Is there a substantial difference in the hit, feedback provided or the balance of the cue? All of the cues I own have metal pins of one size or another. All responses are...
  7. Snookered007

    WTT Hager 20" extension for ????

    WTT: Hager 20" extension for ???? .............No Longer Available............I have a Hager 20" extension that i am willing to trade (even up) for possibly anything pool related. Maybe some Blue Diamond chalk, or heck maybe a couple of tips. Who knows what else. Send me some offers. The...
  8. Snookered007

    Congradulations to the 2009 USBA Candidates

    This information is taken from the USBA website. Northeast Region: Merrill Hughes (New York) Mazin Shooni (Massachusetts) Southeast Region: Henry Ugartechea (Florida) Mid-America Region: Steve Andersen (Michigan) Juan Elizalde Sauz (Texas) Bill Johnson (Michigan) Felipe Razon (Illinois)...
  9. Snookered007

    Review of JPs made by KOINNKID

    I had Troy make a set of 3/8 x 10 joint protectors for a house cue conversion done by Chad of Cam Custom Cues. I was very impressed with the wood combinations Troy chose for the set. Birdseye maple with Phenolic rings on bottom and an Ebony iris with a Hollywood pupil on top. The overall...
  10. Snookered007

    Jim Baxter J/P Review

    I had Jim make a set for my Arnot player. He did a great job, and was very easy to work with. Jim was in communication with me all the way through the process. I would recommend his work to others. The complimentary design was created by Jim. The curly maple could not have matched any better to...
  11. Snookered007

    I am looking for a book

    I am looking for a copy of Billiard Atlas volume 4 by Walt Harris. If you have one you would like to sell please PM me or reply to this thread. I have also posted this in the FS-WTB board. I think this particular book of interest is more suited to this area though. Sorry if I have violated any...
  12. Snookered007

    WTB: Billiard Atlas Vol. 4

    I am looking for Billiard Atlas volume 4 by Walt Harris. Please PM me if you have a copy to sell. Thanks, Donavan
  13. Snookered007

    My Review of Paul Dayton J/B

    I had been looking around for a jump/break cue for some time now. After looking at many different cue builder web sites, reading many reviews and builder posts here on AZ and talking to a few builders, I decided to go with a Paul Dayton cue. I chose a Bocote and Spanish Olivewood combination...
  14. Snookered007

    What kind of tip are you playing with?

    What is your preferred tip for playing 3C ?