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  1. Wedge

    Question for Mike or Jerry about the BUZZ

    If anyone would like to ask a question of any of your featured instructors who would they send it to? Perhaps some of your instructors would address the topic in future articles. Thanks Wedge
  2. Wedge

    Karen Corr wins Action Pool Tour

    Karen Corr just became the first woman to ever win an Action Pool Tour event. She beat Brett Stottlemeyer 9-4 in the Finals of the 10 Ball Tournament at Breakers in Herndon, VA. Way to go Karen Wedge
  3. Wedge

    Tornado Open-Strong Scotch Doubles Field Shaping Up

    Liz Lovely (Can) and Skylar Woodward (USA) Kelly Fisher (Eng) and Darren Appleton (Eng) Vivian Villarreal (USA) and Dennis Orcullo (Phi) Karen Corr (Ire) and Corey Deuel (USA) Brittany Bryant (Can) and Shane Van Boening (USA) Wedge
  4. Wedge

    Custom Jerry Rauenzahn Cue

    This cue is in very good condition. Butt is like new. One shft rolls straight and one has very slight table roll. Four Sharp Points with Four Veneers (Green-White-Purple-Black) Highly Figured Birdseye Maple Forearm with Green Spec Irish Linen Wrap Radial Flat Faced Ivory Joint with Stitch Rings...
  5. Wedge

    Mosconi Cup Rankings and Schedule from Matchroom Sports

    Just released after Turning Stone: Wedge
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    Tournament at Champion Billiards In Frederick, MD this Saturday

    Jay Wilkinson's 7 Rack Tournament this Saturday, September 3rd at Champion's (No Pro's or Semi-Pro's). Doors open at 10:00 am for practice and brackets drawn at 11:00. Sign up to play and support Jay and Gary Allen who treats us great. Rules and format can be found at...
  7. Wedge

    AZB Magazine What's the name Jerry Forsyth?

    Okay Jerry...enough with the suspense. You said you were going to announce it last Friday! Come on buddy...AZ members want to know!!! Wedge
  8. Wedge

    FargoRate and Local Tournaments

    We recently started a series of tournaments at Champions Billiards in Frederick, MD promoted by Baltimore City Cues. We wanted to have the results of each tournament entered into the FargoRate system with the goal over time to have all the regular tournament players gain an established...
  9. Wedge

    FargoRate Question for Mike or Ozzy

    Never mind I found the answer
  10. Wedge

    The origin of AZ Billiards

    Could Jerry or Mike give us the scoop as to how AZ Billiards started? Would be a nice read. Wedge
  11. Wedge

    CSI Magic Rack Question for Mark or Ozzy

    I was wondering why you stopped making and/or selling the original CSI Magic Rack that was 9 Ball only. Now it is a 9/10 Ball combo. The reason I ask is the original fits great in the pouch of my cue case without any bending whatsoever. I love the original. At any rate CSI Magic Racks are...
  12. Wedge

    Thanks to Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

    Thanks to Gary Allen owner of Champion's for supporting local and regional tournaments. Great job Gary Baltimore City Cues Tournament Series: JPNEWT: Wedge
  13. Wedge

    Baltimore City Cues Tournament in Frederick, MD

    A four tournament series will start at Champions Billiards in Frederick Maryland in July. Website for format, rules and registration:!bcc-7-rack-tour/c1bk8 Wedge
  14. Wedge

    Final 8 for Womens Amway Cup

    Lin Yuan Jun V.S Qiesi Ka ‧ Centeno Natalie ‧ Siluositan V.S Chihiro Kawahara Han Yu V.S Zhou Jieyu Allison Fisher V.S K. Fisher Wedge
  15. Wedge

    Ashton Twins Classic from Alberta, Canada

    Brittany Bryant on the Livestream now: Wedge
  16. Wedge


    I just bought a QXtender from Art Politte on Ebay. I had one already that fit my other cues but my McWorter Butt is 1 5/16" in diameter (Slightly larger than most cues) so Art made me a slightly bigger one. These slide on easily and are low in price with fast delivery. I highly recommend his...
  17. Wedge

    15 Year Old April Larson

    Saw her play in the NAPT event in Herndon this weekend. She finished 7th/8th. What was really impressive was her poise at the table at that young an age. She beat Janet Atwell in a hill/hill match and made a pretty difficult shot to ice it. I understand the kid has a 4.0 GPA and wants to go to...
  18. Wedge

    Zion Zvi wins Ginky Memorial

    Congratulations to Zion. He beat Mika Immonen in the finals 9-8 and was undefeated in a strong field that included Dechaine, Morra, Robles, Strickland, Shuff, Wilkie, Lombardo and others. Nice win for Zion who works full time to compete with the full time pro's. Wedge
  19. Wedge

    The real video link to the Erica/big Truck incident

    Scroll to the 25:50 minute mark on the video that is where the altercation starts.
  20. Wedge

    NAPT Inaugural Event - Full Of Talent

    Nice to see a new Women's combined Regional and Pro Tour starting up. I wish them all the best. Stop by at Breakers in Herndon, VA or watch the free livestream. Purse should be around $20K. Link: Confirmed Players: Karen Corr Adrienne...