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  1. Double-Dave

    Been getting 502 errors again

    Has been quite a while (like a year or 2?) but last few days I am getting a lot of 502 errors. Anyone else?
  2. Double-Dave

    Ultimate birseye

    There may be a cue out there with higher figure birdseye, but I have yet to see one in person. I bought this cue straight from Chris around 10 years ago and sold it to a collector. I made him promise to give me first right to buy it back if he ever sold it. He kept his word.
  3. Double-Dave

    2 Searings on eBay

    Have owned these for quite a while and time to definitely let them go. No reserve so these will be sold (assuming the auction winner doesn't turn out to be a non-paying-winner)...
  4. Double-Dave

    Anyone heard from Mike @ stabilizedwood?

    My emails have gone unanswered for about a month now, and the site is now no longer online. Did anyone have contact with Mike in the last couple weeks? Regards, Dave
  5. Double-Dave

    Inlaid set of JP's for Pechauer

    Hi guys, Anyone interested in making me a set (1 butt, 2 shafts) of JP's for a Pechauer CAM-11? I was thinking something like for the shafts an ebony base with a top/lid of leopard wood. For the butt full ebony with 4 white diamond inlays bordered by lacewood (a design element that the cue has...
  6. Double-Dave

    Scotch Doubles order of play question

    Hi guys, In a Scoth Doubles 8-ball match where you're playing winner breaks. Lets say one of the pairs consists of player A and player B. Player A breaks succesfully, players A and B clear the table alternating shots and player B sinks the 8-Ball. Who is breaking? Player A because player B...
  7. Double-Dave

    Wanted: Tim Scruggs shaft 5/16x14 12.7mm+

    Hi guys, I am looking for a Scruggs shaft 5/16x14 with the standard silver ring. Shaft has to be straight within reason and at least 12.7mm (full 13 preferred). I might be interested in 2 of them aswell. Hopefully someone here has one for sale. Kind regards, Dave
  8. Double-Dave

    Narra bees wing

    Hi guys, Looking for enought bees wing narra to make 2 complete cues. Obviously 1.5x1.5x18 would be perfect. Has to be good figure at least. I don't mind paying, but I would need a picture or 2 of what I'm buying. Hopefully someone has some for me. Kind regards, Dave
  9. Double-Dave

    New slogan for our company

    Hi guys, A while back we redesigned our webshop and logo but we also use a slogan on certain banner. Until now our slogan has been "Your first choice for the professional game". I always felt that was a pretty good slogan for a company that produces high quality billiard items (say, Saluc or...
  10. Double-Dave

    SURE SPC Jump/Break tip, want to try it for free?

    Hi guys, Over in the main forum I have started a thread about a new Jump/Break tip we ( are the exclusive distributor for. Naturally cuemakers are just as welcome to join the test as anyone else. Test thread...
  11. Double-Dave

    Product testers wanted, new Jump/Break tip SURE SPC

    Hi guys, We are the exclusive distributor for a new J/B tip, the SURE SPC. To help introduce it into the US market we would like to send out a dozen tips to testers free of charge. What we expect back is an honest review of the tip, written right here in this thread. Please note that this tip...
  12. Double-Dave

    Looking for Tulipwood 24"

    Looking for Tulipwood 24"+ Hi guys, I am looking to buy some Tulipwood squares in 24"x1.5x1.5 or bigger pieces. Can't seem to find them anywhere at the moment. gr. Dave
  13. Double-Dave

    Contact for Ernie Omori Eyocues

    Hi guys, Does anyone have an email adress or maybe Facebook name for Ernie Omori? I would like to order a blank but he hasn't been online for a while. If you prefer to send him my email instead that is fine too gr. Dave
  14. Double-Dave

    Mobile Wifi hotspot in Vegas

    Hi guys, Quick question, my mom is on holiday in Vegas (we're from Europe) and she took with her a device called a droam which functions as a wifi hotspot so she can have internet access on her cellphone / Ipad when she's out of reach from other wifi sources like the hotel. Now, that device...
  15. Double-Dave

    502 bad gateway

    It's happening again on quite a few threads for me. I noticed that it happens mostly on threads I haven't opened before... Please don't let AZ crash again.... gr. Dave
  16. Double-Dave

    Joss CUS-04 Custom Series wrapless

    Hi Guys, I got this cue in a trade, it is brandnew, unplayed. Here is a link to the full description on the Joss website. This one has a 4.2Oz/13.0mm shaft with the standard LePro tip, the butt weighs 15.4Oz. This cue retails for $1500, I am selling...
  17. Double-Dave

    Very fancy wrapless JD Joel Davidas cue

    Hi guys, Got this really fancy Joel Davidas cue in a trade. There really is too much going on in this cue to describe so I refer to the collage picture for that. The cue has been used but is still in good condition. Some general info: - Cored front to back - Import radial pin - Shaft 1...
  18. Double-Dave

    Jim Murnak 4x8 Two-tone

    Hi guys, I got this case in a trade, it is a really nice looking Standard 1900 model Murnak 4x8 case with two-tone staining. Middle is light brown, the ends are middle brown. It has 2 should straps on the backside, small and large pocket (with jump handle section) on the front. Fabric covered...
  19. Double-Dave

    Rick Howard 6-Pointer Snakewood/Ebony wrapless

    Hi guys, Through a trade this beautiful Rick Howard cue has come into my posession. The cue is used (as is visivle in the pictures) but neverabused and is in good/very good condition. - Birdseye maple forearm - 6 High-Low AAA snakewood points with 1 thin black veneer - Wrapless ebony handle -...
  20. Double-Dave

    World Class Custom Cue

    Up for sale is a very nice world Class Custom cue out of the McDaniel shop. This cue retails for more then SOLD delivered worldwide. The cue came out of Bill McDaniels old shop which is now World Class Custom cues. This cue is a copy of a Bill McDaniels cue made for world champion Nick Varner...