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  1. Buster8001

    Questions about stroke...

    First, a little about me. So, I'm not a complete slouch on the table. I bounce between an 8 & 7 APA 9ball, and I'm a 7 APA 8ball. I'd say a C+ player; I'm a threat to run out, have had several in-match. Now to my question: how does one develop the type of stroke wherein it never appears as...
  2. Buster8001

    WH Micarta rounds/ferrules

    FS: Vintage Westinghouse paper micarta rounds/ferrules. I've sold a good bit of this stuff here and on FB, mainly in blocks. I've had several requests for ferrule blanks and or to have the slabs milled round. I took some of my private stock and milled them with my abundance of time during the...
  3. Buster8001

    Who's building prongs?

    Anyone besides Prather building prongs, nowadays? Anyone in here interested? My father is building some nice cues, lately; but, he is not equipped for points just yet. I'd like to find a 4pt prong with veneers in my favorite colors from which he could build me a cue. He's built a few Prather...
  4. Buster8001

    Joey Bautista sneaky player

    I have some new cues coming here shortly, so I need to make some room. Joey Bautista player. 2 shafts with old micarta ferrules - one milkdud, one triangle both around 12.75mm. Straight together and apart. Around 19oz. The cue has only been used in my home. There is some bluing to the shafts...
  5. Buster8001

    GC 1 Tangerine Skirts

    Figured I'd post here, as I know most mechanics collect parts. If anyone runs across a donor 9ft Brunswick Gold Crown, I'm looking to purchase a set of the tangerine skirts. I'll cover all shipping expenses, as well.
  6. Buster8001

    Gold Crown 1 Tangerine Skirts

    Like the title states, I'm looking to purchase a set of original Tangerine skirts for a Brunswick GC 1 9 foot table.
  7. Buster8001

    Let's see those luxury components

    Just snapped this picture and thought I'd share. Anyone else have any out of print, discontinued, or rare components to share? Post them up! List: Blue Mountain linen, vintage WH micarta slabs (big enough for joints), red & silver acrylic rings, Cortland #9 & #15 linen, and a block of...
  8. Buster8001

    FS: Westinghouse Ivorite Micarta stick

    Up for sale is some of my last ferrule sticks of micarta. After this, I only have large blocks from which I plan to cut joints and ferrule blanks. So these two are the last two sticks I'll be selling. Stick 1. 16.61mm thick and over 2.8in long. Plenty for two full sized ferrules. Perfect stock...
  9. Buster8001

    Scruggs sneaky with delrin butt cap.

    Anyone have a line on a Scruggs sneaky Pete with a delrin butt cap?
  10. Buster8001

    Need some red tip pads

    Anyone know where I can purchase, or have any red tip pads for sale? Thanks in advance.
  11. Buster8001

    Blues & Browns

    Snapped this picture and liked it. Some of my best players: Murrell, Williams, & Jensen Refocused my collection to only include veneer colors of white/natural, blue, brown, and black. Feel free to add yours to the thread.
  12. Buster8001

    GC 1 questions

    So, when I bought my CG1 it was originally a ball return table. However, by the time it came to me someone converted it to drop pockets. It still came with the original ball gullies and return box. Santa brought me some ball return pockets for Christmas, so last night I decided to convert it...
  13. Buster8001

    FS: Westinghouse Ivorite Micarta stick

    Westinghouse Ivorite Micarta. This stick will yield 4 one inch ferrules, and finish around 12.8mm. Better tooling may get the diameter closer to the 13mm mark. $old shipped in the states. That's $old a ferrule - way cheaper than most charge. One guy I know through FB charges $150 a ferrule blank.
  14. Buster8001

    Hipocracy and Immorality

    Oh, and on a pool related note, I cannot wait for the Expo this year.
  15. Buster8001

    Ed Robinson Custom Cues - new builder

    Ed Robinson, my dad, has recently set up his own cue shop to keep himself busy in retirement. Here are a few he's finished up, that are really too nice for eBay. Each comes with one shaft, or a second can be made for an extra $100. Each cue's weight can be changed if the buyer wishes, as well...
  16. Buster8001

    FS: Joss West one-of-a-kind 4 pointer

    Nice JW one-of-a-kind confirmed by Bill and made while in Colorado Springs. The white butt sleeve is NOT ivory. Two shafts natural ferrules: one is 12.9 the other 12.4. Small taper roll in the middle of the shafts. Nothing leaves the table, and does not affect play. Just being transparent...
  17. Buster8001

    FS: Parrot by David Hodges

    Have for sale a very nice Parrot by David Hodges. I've wanted a Parrot cue for a very long time, and was finally able to add this one to my collection. However, now, all it does it sit in my cue rack. I haven't touched it since it arrived. It's a great playing cue, and deserves to be used. I've...
  18. Buster8001

    Old Scruggs Sneaky

    Selling an old Scruggs Hoppe sneaky pete. Original, unrestored condition with one shaft. Really, really shoots well. I'm just using a cue my father made, now. Shaft is 12.8mm, overall a little over 19oz. Butt rolls true. Shaft has a credit cards worth of lift. The lift is in the center when...
  19. Buster8001

    Something not seen often... Parrot.

    Beautiful Parrot cue. David Hodges confirmed its one of his from the late 90s. I was very surprised with this slim-handled cue. Really plays great. Now I know why they don't often change hands. I would trade this for a 4 point Parrot, only.
  20. Buster8001

    Paying big bucks for cue maker business cards

    Still looking for vintage cue maker business cards. Paying upwards of $50, or more, for rare cards. Some for which I'm looking: -Timmy Scruggs Joss card -Older Schon cards -Verl Horn -Paradise -Palmer -Bill Stroud -John Showman -Southwest cards Etc... Let me know what you have, and we'll work...