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  1. Eric.

    Today's pro level versus the pros of 1986

    While comparing players from different eras can be a bit subjective, I thought it was interesting comparing the Accu Stats numbers from 1986 vs today. While it's not a huge gap, there is a notable difference in overall scores. If I had to guess, I would say today's top players are winning...
  2. Eric.

    Horseshoe / Southern IN flooded again

    At least it happened after the Derby: Eric
  3. Eric.

    ATTN: Matchroom Sports - Mosconi Cup 2018 ticket help

    I'm thinking about checking out the Mosconi Cup this year, in London. I need a lil help... I want to buy tickets in the American section. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get a response via email, from the Matchroom website/email. On the website, there is no seating chart or way to select a...
  4. Eric.

    Mosconi Cup dumping by Europe?

    So, watching Vandenberg v. Thorpe, rack 2 and 3 (so far). NVB overcuts the 6 ball to the side and way overhits the cb to get long on the 7. The 6 flukes into another pocket, so NVB cuts the 7 in but takes a path like he's looking to scratch in the side pocket. Then, under cuts the 8 (to hang...
  5. Eric.

    Dramatic storyline for US Open Finals

    I read a post about a dramatic "good vs evil" finals, if Ralf Souquet were to play Karl Boyes. You would have Ralf, the consummate gentleman and well liked individual vs Karl, the mercurial and somewhat difficult personality. While that is true, there is a another "good vs evil" storyline...
  6. Eric.

    RIP Tim Scruggs

    I read on another forum that Tim Scruggs has passed. Can anyone else confirm this? I'm guessing this was part of Tim's decision to retire, a few years ago. Godspeed. Eric
  7. Eric.

    Is your AZB account getting hacked?

    If I start making crazy(er) posts than normal, posting multi paragraph, manifesto style rants...someone might have hacked my AZB account. Honestly, who hacks AZB accounts?? I mean, if you ask nicely, I'm willing to give you all my vCash. True story. I got this email today, lol: Dear Eric...
  8. Eric.

    American Roadplayer issuing refunds?

    I just got a refund for my donation. Im guessing that the Indiegogo campaign didnt hit its goal? If not, maybe there will be a new campaign with lower goals? I dunno about you, but i kinda had a bit of interest seeing more of the Scooter show/trainwreck... Eric
  9. Eric.

    Simonis Cloth Classic Tours ends.

    I'm sure Mike won't mind me reposting his announcement. Always sad to hear a long running Pool tour, end: Thank you to all my sponsors, room owners, players and friends for your support over the last 20 years. The time has come for me to head off to greener pastures and I am retiring from the...
  10. Eric.

    Your Pool Story: how did you get into Pool?

    My Pool addiction start with my best friend, who passed away 2 days ago. He was my friend for my whole adult life, I met him when I was 20. This is my story, along with a fond memory of my brother. I didn't start playing Pool seriously until I was in my 20's. Like many, I'm sure, I played...
  11. Eric.


    This, from the main page, from Barry Behrman: " First of all I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. My question to all of you is what to do for this year’s event? The past several months of my life have been more difficult than maybe ever & I’m asking the pool world for your input...
  12. Eric.

    Taipei, Taiwan: Poolrooms and flights

    Gonna be in Taipei within the next week. Anyone have any suggestions on a last minute flight deal? Also, what is the latest scoop on a good poolroom to hit up? Where are all the players congregating now? Thanks in advance! Eric
  13. Eric.

    I just watched Bonus Ball...

    I just watched it. Well, most of it... I was gonna sleep on it before making judgement,'s bad. Target shots...continuation ball...purple ball... The game is like a mishmosh of 5 different traditional billiard games, mixed with a lil football and a sprinkle of dodgeball...
  14. Eric.

    Pool Promotion in the USA

    This one is for the Pool promoters. You know, anyone that puts on Pool tourneys. The question I have is: Why hasn't anyone put on tournaments in suburban shopping malls? Now, I didn't come up with the idea. Actually, I stole it from Asia (turnabout is fair play :o ). In the countries...
  15. Eric.

    L.A. Pool scene on Dec 12-14th?

    Any Pool tourneys in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area on Dec 12-14th? I'm gonna be in town and was wondering if there were any weekly tourneys or room recommendations that have something going on, for those dates? Thanks, Eric
  16. Eric.

    "A guy that calls himself "Colorado Charlie, a former pro player"?

    So, I was at at the APA thing, in Vegas, last week. I was waiting in the mini mania line, to sign up for an event. It's a long line (even longer than the line for the bathroom) and some folks tend to chat a lil, to pass the time. So, there is this older (60-ish) guy that seems to be one of...
  17. Eric.

    Carom Cafe- seating, crowds, etc?

    I'm just curious how the venue is working out. Anyone with boots on the ground able to comment on the layout? Also, what are the crowds like-full house/decent/morgue? How is the seating and table layout? From what I am hearing, the crowds are dismal. If so, I suspect it is the venue. Eric
  18. Eric.

    Which game has the least luck factor?

    I know, I know, the age old question.... Just humor me. So, a bunch of us bar stool pundits were bringing up the talk of which cue game has the least luck factor. For what it's worth, we were talking about the games that are still played these days i.e. 8/9/10 ball, 1 hole, Banks, 3...
  19. Eric.


    is my fvckin signature working?
  20. Eric.

    NJ-Fri nite weekly open 9 ball bar box tourney

    Every Friday at the Bound Brook Hotel 507 East Main Street Bound Brook, NJ 08805 (732) 356-7413 Kevin F.: 7:30p start, $15 entry Race to 3 on the winners side, race to 2 on the losers The match ups are done Derby City style, meaning that every round is a fresh draw-there are no brackets...