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  1. robleyf7

    Cuesmith inlay machine

    trying to sell this for a friend Cuesmith inlay machine for sale. Fits on Hightower lathe dovetail bed. Everything in pic. Many patterns, styluses. All you need is a dremel tool that easily fits in. Everything to start inlaying. Also parts table to cut out parts. $1000 firm. Great shape. I can...
  2. robleyf7

    i Got interview for AZbilliard buzz mag

    hello been awhile since i been on here an made a post. just thought i would say hello see what yall up too. an let everyone know i got interviewed by melinda bailey for the AZbilliard buzz magazine issue i was so excited an honored when she asked me if she could interview me. it was for a great...
  3. robleyf7

    best way to align or dial in my 3 jaw chuck

    i have a taig lathe with a 3 jaw chuck an the jaws wiggle some an i bought a dial indicator an it shows its off by a 10th anyone know how to fix this please thanks
  4. robleyf7

    Lookin for a 48" bed for a tiag lathe

    If anyone see any or has some for sell fairly cheap. i been searching on here an ebay can.t find anything..message me or on here thanks :)
  5. robleyf7

    anyone have a pic of jimmy king from Alabama

    My buddy met him one day an was telling all the stories he told him an was curious what he looked like lol
  6. robleyf7

    need help identifying this cue

    can.t really see the name on it lol help would be greatly Appreciated
  7. robleyf7

    Buddy hall vs jj i think

    anyone have this video buddy hall vs jj.... buddy hall making the 1 on the break on bottom corner straight out the rack? if so please share wanna watch it.. not sure what year 90s i.m sure
  8. robleyf7

    my Apa Team is going to vegas

    sorry soon as i can get this deleted it will be gone
  9. robleyf7

    Lookin to help promote/advertise some business

    hello everyone. hope yall are doing good. i missed everyone. well i am going to start going too a few tournaments each month depends where its at in louisiana an some parts of texas for now playing pool.. i thought well why not come on AZBilliards an see if i can help out an to promote anyone...
  10. robleyf7

    hello AZBilliards family/friends.

    sorry i have not been on here in so long. how is everyone doing. hope everyone had a great birthday/xmas/new years.. i.ll try an be on here alot more.. would love to hear from all my azbilliards friends :):thumbup:
  11. robleyf7

    any tournaments this weekend in biloxi

    anyone know of any tournaments dis weekend in biloxi mississippi let me know please
  12. robleyf7


    anyone going too vegas in August Around the 20ish from AZBilliards.. i might be going would love too meet a few new AZers
  13. robleyf7

    Happy mothers day

    Happy mothers day too all the wonderful mothers out there... hope you have a wonderful day GodBless AZHorse
  14. robleyf7

    Charlotte nc tournaments

    any tournaments in that area let me know
  15. robleyf7

    AZHorse would like too wish everyone a Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone hope everyone had a good day *Love* GodBless
  16. robleyf7

    Lookin for Serious Sponsor

    As of right now i am Curently Lookin for a Serious Sponsor for the Big White Diamonds tournament i have come out 5-6 once 1-2 out the money few times... got 3-4 in the mini tournament last 2 times.... i am Current BCA/ACS State louisiana...
  17. robleyf7

    question about the brain

    why when u fall too sleep ur brain stops working an how does it start working again if it stops..... an when it does stop when u go to sleeep how do we stay living an not die just curious
  18. robleyf7

    Made it too the Texas open in round rock

    Wellp first time at the Texas open.... Very nice place love the 9fts great people... My first match is at 10am against a good player frank jr ferrer from my town San Antonio I whont be on stream.... I'll keep y'all posted.... Come watch at
  19. robleyf7

    AZHorse moving too san antonio texas

    yes i am alot more pool great people an found me a women while visiting down there will move there july 21 can.t wait first time in a big city lol
  20. robleyf7

    Womens U.S Open

    will the Womens U.S Open be streamed or no i would love too watch it