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  1. randyg

    Join the PBIA. Instructors only

    Once again I will be holding an Instructors only SPF Pool School. If you have any desire to get PBIA Certified and help our pool word, let me know. This will also work as an upgrade for existing PBIA Instructors. April 7-8-9 2017 Dallas, Texas 6 Candidates only $1000 plus first years dues...
  2. randyg

    Eddie Robin's Books for sale

    I have three autographed books for sale. 1. Position Play in three cushion billiards. 2. Winning One Pocket. 3. Shots, Moves & strategies. All in pristine condition and 2-3 are still wrapped. Firm at $1500. Email only if interested to buy. Randy Goettlicher
  3. randyg

    Got lost in thought

    Figured that this thread belongs in this forum. Starting this Sep. 1st, I begin to re-build my pool game. All three aspects were examined. After 55 years of habits, this is not going to be easy. My stroke work is coming along just fine. My Three Pre-Shot Routines were scrutinized. I think my...
  4. randyg

    Instructors only school in June

    Now is a great time to act. Randy Goettlicher is offering an three day Instructor certification or up-grade school in Dallas. First come first in. Limit to six candidates. Every year this school fills full. Now is the chance to fulfill your dream. Foe more info email randy g at...
  5. randyg

    Different look at old system

    I have been fooling around with the contact point aiming method. I know about 12 aiming systems and can teach them fluently. I am calling this system, SEEPAP. Seethepointandpivot! See the contact point and pivot in the air (like CTE) to the aim point. So far, so good. Check back later. randyg
  6. randyg

    Help for Rochester NY

    I have a student traveling to Rochester on business. Where can he play? randyg
  7. randyg

    Jamaica Joe's is OK.

    I attended a Seniors only 9-Ball Tournament on Sat. A few of us from Dallas drove up to Mid-West City for the day. Reason being the tournament was on 7' Diamond Tables. Dallas does not have Diamond Bar boxes and with the BCAPL National Tournament in a few days from now, we thought we might...
  8. randyg

    Randyg is on the Instructors forum all week end.

    Ask any question. See you there randyg
  9. randyg

    Fire away. Long weekend.

    Ask me any question you wish. I will try to answer it. You might even post a vid for me to watch. I don't think anyone out here will hijack this thread so feel free to talk to me. Fire away randyg
  10. randyg

    I'm here to help

    Kinda quiet this week end. No unintended English around. Fire away. Ask me a question. randyg
  11. randyg


    I'm gone for 6 days and the Ask An Instructors Forum is gone?????????
  12. randyg


    Didn't book this weekend for Pool School so what do I do? I'm working with some 10-12 year olds. Teaching is fun. Teaching Pool is priceless. randyg
  13. randyg

    T.O.I by randyg

    Watched an hour of CJ on Sat. I understand T.O.I according to his dvd. Monday I'm taking it to the table for another tryout. Stay tuned randyg
  14. randyg

    2013 Wow, what a start!

    Hey other instructors. How is your year starting out? I can only hope that it is very successful and prosperous. I just finished my first 3-day class of the new year. What a great group of students. All very hungry to improve their games. All were extremely attentive. Everyone of them...
  15. randyg

    Met with a fellow AZer today.

    Made a new friend today. Met with NAJI at LUCY'S Bar & Grill in Arlington, Va. What a great guy. NAJI treated me all day to food and beverage, paid for our table time and in general made sure that I was comfortable in a new place. He introduced me to several very nice patrons. I thought I...
  16. randyg

    Dallas to maryland road trip

    I will be driving to Frederick, Md. right before Thanksgiving. Leaving Dallas on Nov. 12th. If anyone is interested in a 2-3 hour session just let me know. My route is I-40 & 81 North. I can change that route slightly if needed. Just let me know: See you soon, randyg
  17. randyg

    On the road I go to Chicago

    I'm driving to Chicago this Sunday for the International Billiards Trade Show. I get to spend a short week with many of our great Instructors including Jerry Briesath, Scott Lee etc. Always a highlight in my career. What's the nicest place to play close to Schuamburg? Are there any week night...
  18. randyg

    Spf pool school road schedule

    Several players have inquired, so here is my Road Schedule for the rest of the 2012 season. See you there randyg
  19. randyg

    FOR SALE. Paradise Cue

    One owner. Early 60's Leather wrap Titleist forearm Re-furbished and in great shape $1800 Contact: Randy Goettlicher
  20. randyg

    Banking with 90/90

    An interesting thing happened to me this week! I offered my local students (Dallas) a chance to take a 3-hour class on a Banking System to be conducted here at Pool School. I posted three, 3-hour schedules for different days of the class, limited to four students only. The classes filled in...