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  1. ekb6760

    Paul Hubler Shaft Inserts

    Does anyone know if any other cuemaker besides Paul Hubler used nylon inserts in their shafts? I have a very old cue that I think is a Hubler but does not have a Hubler logo anywhere. It has 4 points, linen wrap, a Hoppe ring, and a nylon insert in the shaft.The finish is original with an aged...
  2. ekb6760

    Clifford Pool Cue

    Has anyone ever heard of a Clifford pool cue? I think it was made in Pennsylvania.
  3. ekb6760

    Rambow Calligrapher

    I'm sitting at home on a lovely Saturday afternoon trying to find the brain cell that I've stored the name of Herman Rambow's calligrapher. I really do need to get a life... Anybody help me out?? (please no jokes about needing a girlfriend, etc.)
  4. ekb6760

    McDermott G-Core Shaft

    I have a customer who wants me to do a 1.5 millimeter take down on a McDermott G-Core shaft. Personally I don't think it can be done without destroying the integrity of the shaft. I'm looking for advice and limitations for this project. Thank you for your thoughts & help.
  5. ekb6760

    Need source for carbon fiber tip pads

    I'm looking for a source for carbon fiber tip pads. $2 each is too much from OB. I can cut my own with an arch punch, but I need a source for the correct material and thickness. Thank you for your help. PM me if you wish.
  6. ekb6760

    Cool Videos ~ Building a Homemade Lathe

    I'm posting this in this section as it seems the most appropriate place to me. This is Part 1 of a 3 part video series of a guy constructing a wood lathe out of...wood. The finished product is amazing! Takes about 25 minutes to watch all 3. I hope you enjoy them...
  7. ekb6760

    Loctite 60 Second Universal Glue

    Just wondering if anyone has used this for tips, and if so, what results? Do you need to prime the tips with this glue?
  8. ekb6760

    To Dome or Not to Dome

    Just want to get an opinion from cue makers and other cue repair people regarding popular single layer tips such as Elk Master, LePro, Triangle, and Triumph. Should the manufacturer offer these tips in a Non-Domed version, such as layered tips are made? Please note that I am not saying that...
  9. ekb6760

    To Dome or Not to Dome

    Should LePro, Triangle, and Elk Master tips be offered in a non-domed version, like the layered tips are made? Yes No
  10. ekb6760

    Micro Mesh Polishing Pads

    Just wondering if any cue makers use these for refinishing.
  11. ekb6760

    Impressive Lathe Work...

    Not a question, just wanted to share some impressive lathe work. Hope you enjoy it.:)
  12. ekb6760

    Manual tapping a ferrule question

    When tapping a ferrule made from rod stock, I generally tighten the 1/4" drilled piece of material stock into the 3-jaw chuck and use my 5/16" x 18 tap to cut the threads. The problem is that the material always starts to slip and turn in the chuck before I get the threads completely cut...
  13. ekb6760

    Demonstration Table

    This table was constructed & used by a vendor who took it to trade shows to demonstrate jump shots. This vendor is no longer in the business due to health problems. It will fit in the back of a 1998 Ford Explorer; I know this because that's how I hauled it. It can be moved by one relatively...
  14. ekb6760

    House Cue Steady Rest

    Just wanted to get a cue makers opinion of my newly designed steady rest for working on house cues. Do you think I should try to get on Shark Tank and seek investors so that I can go into production?
  15. ekb6760

    Pool Hall Auction In Pennsylvania

    Got this in an email yesterday.
  16. ekb6760

    Pool Hall Auction In Pennsylvania

    Got this in an email yesterday.
  17. ekb6760

    Cuetec Repair

    My customer gave me a Cuetec shaft with the insert damaged beyond use. I used a damaged Cuetec shaft that still had a good insert as a donor to repair my customers. Will be testing it out tomorrow. I’ve had this repair done by a now deceased cuemaker, and I’ve been using the cue for 20+ years...
  18. ekb6760

    WTB: Viking Quick Release Inserts

    Does anyone know a good source for the old Viking Quick Release shaft inserts. So far my searches have turned up goose-eggs. Thanks for your help.
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    FS: Brunswick Anniversary Pool Snooker Table

    FS: Brunswick Commercial Snooker & Pool Tables Posting for a room owner... For Sale 5 x 10 Brunswick Anniversary Snooker table. Asking $3500 Also 2 Brunswick Medalist Pool Tables @ $1000 each, and a Brunswick Gold Crown III @ $1500 Call Larry @ 202-329-7665 Pick-up only, located in...