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  1. Hinekanman

    Carpet for gold crown?

    Im installing a subfloor in my basement. (dricore if you guys have heard of it.) I want to do carpet but dont want to put it on just carpet. Does anyone have an idea of what I can do. I have a friend who put tile under his. Installed the tile to concrete floor and carpet to concrete floor. Im...
  2. Hinekanman

    Gold crown 1 finished once

    So I have this table in like new condition. Cleaned it up today. Bought it from a guy who said it’s been in the basement forever. Never moved. Can I freshen up the paint or do I have to sand it down? I do have a second gc1 already sanded to wood and everything prepped and ready for paint. The...
  3. Hinekanman

    Super Pro Aramith Balls

    Any ball out of place shows the nick in it. Very tiny. SOLD PayPal for payment. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  4. Hinekanman

    gold crown 1 parts

    Im looking for the skirts, ball return system, and possibly the box. old Brunswick cue rack also. just message me if you have any or know where to go.
  5. Hinekanman

    Gold crown 1 assembly question

    So I didn’t receive anything to attach the legs. I hear it’s a screw. With some holes being not perfect, is there anything I can do? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  6. Hinekanman

    Custom break or playing cue.

    Used bob simoneau custom cue. Cue has been used for breaking. You can make it a player if you like. Just have to change the ferrule or not. Cue does not have a smooth finish around the butt. A refinish would help. Contact the builder or whoever you want. Bob simoneau is out of Connecticut. Specs...
  7. Hinekanman

    Gandy "The Grenoble"

    I have a 8' gandy model the Grenoble. I'm trying to figure out the rail profile of them. There are cushions on them now but they seem to bounce and hit to high on the ball. What should I get to replace them?
  8. Hinekanman

    Sold DZ (Dzuricky) Custom Cue

    Dz custom cue. Received a couple months ago. Need to get rid of some cues. Solid hitting cue. Nicely figured Bocote into maple forearm. Custom DZ joint protectors also. Specs to follow 58” Butt 15.80 oz Shaft 3.77 Tip size 13mm Joint 845 Pin is 3/8 10 modified SOLD!!!!! Any questions send me...
  9. Hinekanman

    Scruggs sneaky Pete

    Scruggs sneaky. Sold. Good condition. Won’t be disappointed. I have had this cue a while but just had two sneaky Pete’s made and don’t need those either haha. Free shipping. Usually ships same day if I’m not working. Make an offer. I would like to sell this. 58” Butt is 14.96 oz Shaft is 4.13...
  10. Hinekanman

    Anniversary questions

    Curious in how much work will have to be put into this. I have started researching it and parts but would like some more experienced advice. Does this table look good and the prices of the parts, is it worth it to restore? Also , as is what is a good price for it like this? and how much will I...
  11. Hinekanman


    Need a good rack. Would like to know if any custom woodworkers offer them. PM if you do them or know someone who does.
  12. Hinekanman

    Opinion on old Scruggs

    So as it says. I want some opinions. Now as much as I say I will never sell it, I know myself better. Would you keep this as is, or have Bob Frey refinish it and make a spare shaft? If you were buying it, what would be more appealing? All opinions welcomed. Sent from my iPhone using...
  13. Hinekanman

    Bca and Usapl tournament questions

    I see they have mini tournaments. Anyone know how much they usually are and what’s the payout for it? Also do you know how frequently they have the mini tournaments? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  14. Hinekanman

    Birdseye maple cue

    So if a cue was made from an 18” piece of maple. Birdseye or curly. Was made into a cue. Plain maple handle with a linen wrap. Would it have to be cored or a weight bolt to keep it around 19oz? Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  15. Hinekanman

    Sneaky Pete question

    Im not sure if this is even possible or can be accomplished a different way. Can a sneaky be made with one piece of maple after the points. The purpose is to have all the wood be the same and for the grain to match. I was thinking of asking a cuemaker to do it but wanted to make sure it was...
  16. Hinekanman

    Extension question

    Anyone know where to get the piece that goes into the butt end of the cue? Have a cue I use a lot but can’t use my extension with it right now. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  17. Hinekanman

    Titlist conversion

    This was a cue for my grandfather. He didn’t get much use of it unfortunately. This cue was made by Dave Brainard of I’m selling for Sold shipped in the U.S. Look me up on eBay hinekenman1976. Specs below 60” cue 30/30 split Shaft is 4.20 oz with a 12.90 mm tip Butt is 12oz...
  18. Hinekanman

    Stryker high impact tip

    Does anyone know which side is the glue side?
  19. Hinekanman

    4 Precision Tips (Searing)

    4 tips all together. They are medium hardness and 14 mm. SOLD Pm me. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  20. Hinekanman

    Ob Classic Shaft

    I have an ob classic shaft for sale. Shaft has a slight roll on a counter not on pool table. It’s not bad at all. I will show it to you if you like. It is a 3/8 10. I’m hinekanman1976 on eBay. Great feedback so no worries on the transaction. SOLD!!!!!! Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums