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  1. RickLafayette

    Ames Billiards

    This color photograph was taken right around the time that "The Hustler" was filming.
  2. RickLafayette

    South Louisiana - need recommendation for cloth installer

    South Louisiana - I need to have a new cloth installed on my table. The local guy botched the last installation. Can any one recommend someone for me? Thanks.
  3. RickLafayette

    Need recommendation for marking pen.

    I want to mark the head string and rack outline on my Simonis 860 but I'm afraid to use the wrong marker or pen. In the past I have had marker pens bleed either when I drew the lines or when I wiped down the cloth with my Woolite/water dampened cloth. I'm having a new cloth installed in the near...
  4. RickLafayette

    White to black ferrule

    Is there any way a white ferrule (not ivory) can be colored, painted, stained, etc. black?
  5. RickLafayette

    Need ideas for ebony Sneaky Pete style

    I want to have an ebony Sneaky Pete built but I need ideas for the veneer colors. Do any of you have any photos that could give me inspiration?
  6. RickLafayette

    Rubber wrap for break cue

    I posted this in the "cue maker" forum but didn't get a response so I guess I'll try here. Does anyone install rubber wraps on break cues? I have a break cue with a stacked leather wrap and it just doesn't get tacky enough to get a grip. It's too slick and it was a poor decision on my part to...
  7. RickLafayette

    Rubber wrap for break cues

    Does anyone install a rubber wrap on break cues? I have a break cue with a stacked leather wrap and it just doesn't get tacky enough to get a grip. It's too slick and it was a poor decision on my part to have it installed on a break cue.
  8. RickLafayette

    Marking Simonis

    Is there a black marker of some kind that I can use that won't bleed on Simonis 860? I had used the Sharpie retractable fine rollerball in the past but that bled out some.
  9. RickLafayette

    Wrinkles in my Simonis

    At the end of the day I lightly spray PTC on my cloth and lightly wipe it down with a micro fiber cloth. Sometimes, if I spray just a little bit more than "light spray" the cloth wrinkles near the sides. This scares the hell out of me and I just leave it. The next morning the cloth has tightened...
  10. RickLafayette

    Give me 3 reputable Aramith dealers

    Last year I bought a set of Aramith Tournament balls and they did not hold up to their reputation. I had a brand new Valley Panther 8' Home Edition table and the balls were occasionally showing up with scratches. After months of frustration I had the cloth changed to Simonis and, when we had the...
  11. RickLafayette

    Need to lift my slate

    I'm looking for the tool that affixes to the side pocket with a screw crank that lifts up the slate so that you can place rollers on the cross rails and then rest the slate on them and turn the slate sideways. The table is an 8' Valley Panther home edition, one piece slate. I don't have anyone...
  12. RickLafayette

    Looking for custom chalk holder

    I'm looking for a custom chalk holder for Predator chalk. Show me what you got.
  13. RickLafayette

    Table Cleaners

    OK table owners. Which one is your poison? Or some other? Experiences? I'm currently alternating between Quick Clean and Cue Silk. Both seem to work equally. The Quick Clean seemed to run empty pretty fast and it was more expensive than the Cue Silk. I also use the Aramith static chalk cleaner...
  14. RickLafayette

    Lighting for 8' table

    Is a 3 shade light enough for an 8' table? What about a 4 shade light? Also, what type of screw-in bulbs would you recommend? Assuming LED bulbs are recommended, what watt rating for each bulb? I presently have a 4' LED kitchen type light over the table and I am not happy with the balls'...
  15. RickLafayette

    Whitten cases

    Is Whitten still making cue cases? I tried looking for his website and couldn't find it. I remember the site where you could design and order a case and it had photos of the different leathers and layouts.
  16. RickLafayette

    Looking for Predator Panthera

    Looking for Panthera 2-1. Willing to trade Panthers 5-1 plus $$$.
  17. RickLafayette

    Can no longer upload photos

    Why can't I no longer upload photos? Is there a temporary glitch or is there something wrong with my account?
  18. RickLafayette

    Jacoby Radial Joint

    Can somebody explain to me the difference between the Jacoby radial joint and the standard radial joint as used by the custom cue makers and production cue makers? I understand the standard radial shaft will fit the Jacoby butt but not vice versa. Or maybe I got that backwards.
  19. RickLafayette

    Has Predator redesigned the Revo shaft?

    The inside front cover of the new Billiards Digest has a Predator advertisement showing 2 new SP Revo butts with new color combinations and a Revo shaft with a white ferrule. Also, they are advertising "Streamlined for precision performance." Could they possibly have changed the taper to a pro...
  20. RickLafayette

    Ross Cues

    New Ross Cue built by Kevin Noel, Lafayette, Louisiana Ross Cue # 20.005 Fluer de lis design Cue specs: Tip: Ultraskin Ivory medium Ferrule: Juma Shaft: Hard maple 12.3mm (measured 1" below the ferrule) Joint collar: Juma Joint size: 3/8x10 Forearm: Rosewood Floating points: Curly/Burly...