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  1. Crash

    Cyclop Balls in pool halls

    I found that Cyclop tend to crack in a commercial environment. I own a 14 table pool hall with Cyclops provided by Diamond. Seven of the 1-Balls and one 2-Ball developed cracks and a chip came off of one of those. I’ve been waiting 3 months for replacements. On a positive note they still look...
  2. Crash

    Cyclop Balls Suck read on

    I got 14 new sets of Cyclop March 2015. All was well until I had to replaced the eyeball cue balls with red dots due to cracks at my own expense. All was good again until 7 of the 1-balls and one of the 2-balls developed cracks. I called Diamond and have been waiting for replacements for three...
  3. Crash

    CC Steepleton t-rail

    How many of you guys have seen this one. BTW the Master Fast K66 Manhattens are in great shape.
  4. Crash

    POS recommendations

    Technology and POS business models change fast now days. I want to bring us into the 21st Century with a POS. We have food, alcohol and take credit cards. What are you guys using?
  5. Crash

    Brunswick Ball return Box

    Are all late model (not an antique) Brunswick return boxes the same? In other words will a GC box work on a Medalist?
  6. Crash


    I'm not a mechanic so lets not shame me for coming here. This is kinda long but I figured y'all needed a good laugh. I agreed to help a friend "recover" his boss's table. I get there and its too late to back out after I find out its a T-Rail of unknown origin. I told the boss he should have...
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    8-Foot Diamonds

    I've asked a similar question on the room owners forum so I hope this doesn't get dumped ... but how many 8-Foot Diamonds have you Mechanics seen in Pool Halls. Private homes don't count.
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    Curious ... 8-Foot Diamonds

    How many room owners have an 8-Foot Diamond? Blue or Red Label, doesn't matter.
  9. Crash

    Diamond Smart Tables achilles heel

    Almost a year ago I sold the Valleys out of my Pool Room and got all Diamond Smart Tables. This resulted in very happy customers. They play better than the Valleys but they have a quirk. In one word "chalk". Most of the time a small brush on the end of a long handle through the rack slot or...
  10. Crash

    Covering Diamonds

    Has any owner here used Diamond to recover their tables? Was it worth the extra?
  11. Crash

    Simonis Spots

    I don't have to have Simonis spots but Diamond wants $2 each and Pool Dawg wants 95¢. I replace spots a lot so I'll probably order plain spots from Cue & Case, 100 ~$7.00. Is there a source for Simonis spots I haven't found?
  12. Crash

    Steve's Cue & Grill, Huntsville, AL

    Tooting my own horn here but we just upgraded from Valleys to Diamonds and Diamond lights ... 13 7-footers and one 8-foot community challenge table. Working on adjusting the 7-foot lights to optimum height.
  13. Crash

    Shout Out for a Diamond crew

    Josh and Brandon from Diamond did an excellent job of delivering and setting up 18 Smart Tables this weekend. They responded to any resonable request with a positive attitude. If you are planning on getting Diamonds ask for Josh and Brandon to deliver.
  14. Crash

    Diamond Smart Table Maintenance

    I've got a good handle on keeping 14 old Valleys up and running. I've repaired ESDs and drop mechanisms, cleaned tracks and aligned magnets, etc.. I've decided its time to upgrade. What can I expect from Diamond Smart Tables?
  15. Crash

    Diamond Smart Table maintenance

    ............ .............
  16. Crash

    Dumb a$$ looking for cue repair equipment

    My in-house cue maker passed away. So, I'm looking for what equipment I need to replace tips and ferrules on my house sticks and for the occasional customer that walks in needing a new tip and/or ferrule. I want to be able to turn a 14mm ferrule down to fit the shaft. I have absolutely no...
  17. Crash

    Bobby Callahan, obit

    Cuemaker and craftsman Bobby Callahan passed away at 75 on October 6th, 2014. He was well known in the North Alabama and Southern Tennessee area for his cues and cue repairs. His signature cue was a ball turned down for the joint. He worked out of his shop for over 20 years at Steve's Cue &...
  18. Crash

    Room Owner's observation ... Simonis 860 vs Championship Tour Edition

    We've had our 14 tables covered with Simonis 860 in May. We had been using Championship Tour Edition before, recovering once a year. Already the 860 is not holding up as well as the Tour Edition and that is during the slow summer months. We may not make it a year. The Simonis site purports...
  19. Crash

    I'm not a mechanic ...

    but I finally got tired of covering friends tables for free. So after 4 years and 2 dozen tables I made my first few dollars covering a 7-foot Valley in a private home. I used 3M-10 and Championship Tour Edition. I tightened and/or replaced missing casting bolts, vacuumed out the table, cleaned...
  20. Crash

    Looking for better deal on Diamonds

    Can anyone offer a better deal than Diamond for 12 7-foot and 2 8-foot Smart Tables ... NO LEASE! PM me.