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    Women's American 14.1 Championship

    Saw this on Facebook.
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    Ozzy Reynolds on the Booth Brothers

    He talks about the CSI expo, the tournament series, a new ranking system, and a new billiard network for tv. His segment starts at about 7 minutes.
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    Live on Facebook from The Players Club near St Louis
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    Terrible stroke

    I used a purple chalk line and popped an "X" from corner pocket to corner pocket diagonally across the table. The purple chalk is the !east permanent chalk out there. The lines were gone the first time I brushed my table afterwards.
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    Memorial Day

    Thank you all.
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    Chalk placement question

    We got into an argument one night with a "new" team. It turned out that they had played in the past when it was illegal to mark your point with a piece of chalk. After I showed them in the team manual where they changed the rule things calmed down. So the next time I used a piece of chalk to...
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    The Manila Mauler

    I seem to remember Tyler Styer talking about getting beat by the taxi driver in an interview somewhere. I also think Rodney Morris talked about a taxi driver waiting on the street for him to get ready so they could go play.
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    earl and ‘placement pool’

    I have commented on a couple of these videos asking when we can see video of Earl playing placement pool. They have replied that it's coming.
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    Billy Thorpe

    Saw this on Facebook.
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    Bob meucci

    Still kicking and signing great players.
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    Bias with Your Own Team's Playing Order? (long)

    Forget about the averages. Who is the better player? That is who should be playing their best player.
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    Matchroom live? snooker finals "Gibraltar Open"

    I'm watching now.
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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    30-14 Danny.
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    Chris Robinson v. Danny Olson

    12-8 Danny. On a short break now.
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    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    Your post reminded me of this video. Obviously, different direction, but similar idea.