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    FS: Blue Label Diamond Pro, Ball Cleaner, Light, Bench

    Blue label Diamond 7ft. professional. 1 piece slate, pro cut pockets and Simonis 860 cloth that has been on it since new (5 years old). Includes Diamond light, dual Diamond bench chairs and Diamond dual ball cleaner. Also, Duramith balls, Diamond wooden rack and a Delta 13 elite rack...
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    FS: Diamond Pro, Ball Cleaner, Light, Bench

    I'm selling my Diamond Professional 7ft. blue label table with accessories. It has 1-piece slate in rosewood. Bought new in 2015. Also including a dual Diamond ball cleaner, matching Diamond light and a matching Diamond 2 person bench seat. Also including Duramith balls and Diamond triangle...
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    Ebony Brunswick Titlist by Andy Gilbert

    This is the coveted Willie Hoppe Brunswick Titlist in ebony wood. This was converted by Andy Gilbert a few years ago. I bought the cue here on AZ and it was my player until recently. This includes 2 shafts. There are a few dings on the cue. I tried to picture the noticeable marks. I don't...
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    For Sale: Jerry Franklin SW with LOA

    Jerry Franklin SW cue with a letter of authenticity from Laurie. Included are the original played shafts X 2. The cue has been one of my playing cues. It has a small ding in the butt as shown in the pictures. Overall I would rate the cue 93%. The shafts are both played and original. Cue...
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    WTB Ebony Titlist conversion

    Looking for an ebony titlist conversion of an original titlist or Hoppe professional. Send me what you have.
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    Ebony Titlist

    Show me what you have and message me the price. I am in the market for another original ebony titlist. I don't mind if it has wrap or if it's wrapless. I kind of have a thing if I can still see the original weight or Willie's signature on the cue, but not absolutely necessary.
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    WTB Buying Ebony Titlist

    Moving to correct area...
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    New balls

    Love the new balls. Took a while to get them, but worth the wait. Never knew Aramith made these. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking for a 7' Diamond pool table in northern California

    I'll be moving to California at the end of the year and I'm in the market for a 7' Diamond pool table. I would like the light as well, but not required. If you have one or recommend a dealer in the Sacramento area, please let me know. Thanks.
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    BCM Cocobolo "Titlist" Tribute cue from Davis blank

    I'm trying to fund a new project so I'm looking to sell my BCM Cocobolo Titlist tribute cue. This cue was crafted by Brian Mordt from a hand-picked Davis blank. This is a full splice cue. The shaft is 13mm. The pictures show the cue when Brian just got it finished. This cue is not cored and...
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    WTB Ebony or Coco Titlist cue to convert

    I know these are rare, however, if they are to be found I'm sure this is the right place. It's income tax time - tell me what you've got. Wouldn't mind finding a nice one already converted, but I don't mind having a cue maker finish one out for me either. PM me with what you have.
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    Brunswick Centennial TV billiard balls

    I've finally found the balls I've been looking for. With that, I'm selling my set of Brunswick Centennial TV balls. These are in very good condition. I clean them regularly with my Diamond ball cleaner. These balls are just a few months old - I bought them with my cocobolo Diamond pool...
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    The "Cocobolo" Diamond Professional 9' 1 piece slate

    It's tax time so maybe there's something looking for this legendary table. This table is located in Atlantic, IA zip code 50022. It is 1 hour east of Omaha, NE, 1 hour west of Des Moines, IA, and a little less than 3 hours north of Kansas City, MO. Pretty much in the smack dab middle of the...
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    My new Diamond cocobolo table has arrived!

    After a rather lengthy wait, my Diamond table is here! The pictures don't do it justice. It has the new rail system from Diamond and from what I can tell, it definitely plays more "true". Hope you enjoy. I know I do :)
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    WTB Raschig billiardballe sets

    I'm looking for a 9 ball and 15 ball set of Raschig billiard balls. My Diamond will be ready in the first past of 2011 and I still need to get balls for it. I was going to hop online and buy some Aramith's, but I'd like to get some old classics like Raschig. If you have one or both sets for...
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    What balls are being used?

    I'm watching the Women's Atlantic Classic 9-Ball tournament and it appears they are using Super Aramith Pro Tournament Edition balls, but they have the TV 4/7 balls (pink/light brown). I've looked everywhere for these balls and I can't find them. Are they special for this tourney or are they...
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    Looking for a fancy Southwest

    It's getting close to Christmas and I'm hoping to pull some of the fancier SW cues out of someone's pool case. Anyone have any fancy Southwest cues for sale? Looks like a lot of people are in the market for SW cues today, but I'm not wanting the traditional 6 point high/low SW that I see in...
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    My new Diamond Table

    I took the plunge and bought the table I've always wanted. This will come with pro cut pockets, 1 piece slate, and cocobolo. Oh and it's a Diamond. It will be ready in a few weeks. I'm sooo excited! Hope you enjoy.
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    For Sale Diamond 9' Professional 1 Piece Slate!

    No longer for sale Well, it's official. I have accepted a new position about 6 hours away and I am not going to be able to take my table. Every house I've looked at is about 1 foot too short to fit my Diamond. Anyway, I suppose there have been 40-50 games played on it since I posted my table...
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    Porper B or Deluxe Lathe?

    Just looking for opinions on which lathe is better? Porper B or Deluxe Cuesmith? My applications would include building a cue from the butt to the tip. Thanks, MR