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    30" shaft

    I can get a 30" OB Classic shaft for no additional cost. Is the extra inch worth getting or should I stick with a 29" standard? How is the performance of a 30" shaft? I searched up other threads, but I still can't make my mind up.
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    12.3mm vs 12.5mm vs 12.75mm shaft

    Which shaft diameter you think is the best overall for playing 9 ball?
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    What Kamui tip should I get with my OB Classic shaft?

    For a 12.25mm -12.3mm OB Classic shaft, what kamui black tip works well with it? Kamui black supersoft, soft, or medium? Should I get a sniper tip?
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    Anyone order from Seybert's? How are they? I've always ordered from Ozone Billiards and had a great experience with them, but there is an item Seybert's has that Ozone Billiards doesn't that I want