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    Changing the play of an Olhausen

    My buddy owns a 4X8 Olhausen. Is it possible to convert the way it plays to that of a Diamond? I know we can shim the corner pockets down to 4.5 “ but how or what needs to be done to the rails ? I think it currently has Accufast K66 cushions. Thanks
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    Mezz Shaft wanted

    I currently play with a Predator Z2 shaft on my JOSS butt. I'm interested in switching to a Mezz shaft. Can anyone tell me which Mezz shafts would fit my JOSS joint ? ?
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    Raising the slate for a glue down recovery

    I have purchased the Simonis DVD's and they are very helpful tools. I have some ideas as to what is the best method for raising the slate 4.5 inches above the table to spray glue on the desired areas. Are 2x6's the best choice? I normally just slide the slate over to 1 side then slide to the...
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    Cutting Rubber Rails

    Whats the best tool to use for cutting rubber rails?
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    My Valley recovered with 760 Simonis

    I recovered my Valley with 760 Simonis using the glue down method for the rails. I've done at least 50 tables in my life and its the 1st time I try gluing the rails instead of stapling. It certainly was easier to glue however I'm not sold on the idea of the sidepocket flap. I'm also not certain...
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    Forkbit tool for antique Brunswick rails.

    When using a forkbit tool to tighten railbolts what's the best tool to use to turn the bit . Crescent wrench, vise-grip pliers, or other options. Thanks for any advice.
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    Simonis DVD for Rails

    I recently viewed the DVD and noticed that it is reommended to put a fold on the side pockets of Valley rails. Is this the method that the majority of installers use? Is it better to fold a seam or just start on the side pocket face and pull the slack out as you staple toward the other...