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  1. Mastersv8

    Ball size question.

    I am in the market right now for a new set of Aramith Balls both Snooker and 8 Ball. Now my question is regarding the sizes of them! My table is a regulation English 8 by 4 and i am worried IF i get the Aramith TV Cup Balls which i really like they only come in 2 1/4 size and i am worried these...
  2. Mastersv8

    Phoenix Cues.

    I am very interested in these cues after playing with one recently and i was very impressed. They are manufactured in Thailand and exported all over the world and cater mostly for the U.K snooker scene with many top players currently using them. The...
  3. Mastersv8

    Hi all!!

    Hi everyone i noticed this place did not have an Introduction section i could see so i am doing it here! Massive snooker lover here ( Neil Robertson my hero!! )and recently purchased my own 8 by 4 slate table ( Would of loved bigger but couldn't fit it in!! ) after growing up playing snooker...