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    L R Ar pool scene

    I will be moving to Austin Ar in 3 weeks or so.I have done a bit of internet searching and have found a few halls but most have 7 foot Diamonds. A couple of places in Little Rock have 1 or 2 nine footers.I really prefer big tables,won"t be playing 1 pocket on a bar box. I did see a place called...
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    Old match

    I watched an old match..K Davenport vs J Mataya. It was nice to see a game with not a lot of fussing over the racks and pretty fast play. Kim even broke with his cue...a gus if I am seeing it right. I had spoken to him at a tourney in Tulsa when I noticed we had the same style of cue from Gus...
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    I have 11 Dufferin red leaf house cues if any cue maker wants them.They all are 57 " long,various woods and weights. The shafts are all consistent..beat up and warped.I would think a decent sneaky could be made with these. I will happily send these to anybody that asks ..I would like a sneaky...
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    Little Rock

    Any azbers know the pool scene there ? My plans to move to Ms have changed so we will be Ar bound ,N little Rock area or Hot Springs.I did some searching,did not find many places with 9 footers. Regardless I intend to but a place with a basement or a bonus room for my own table. Thanks Chuck
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    Favorite shaft

    I have a great Bob Owen Bushka tribute cue. It came with 2 shafts of course. I played with one for a couple of months giving no thought of using the other shaft. The shafts are the same ...weight,size,tips and ferrules. I decided to play the unused shaft one day and I did not like it as well as...
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    Big Spot

    I play the same guy nearly every day at our rec center where I reside. I like 9 ball so I normally give him the last 2. In a race to 9 he will get 2 or 3,mainly if I hang the 9. I tried something different the other day...he could shoot any ball as long as the 9 was last.I still rolled over him...
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    My wife was hoping that I would get her an Apple watch for Valentine's day.I found a knockoff online.I got it from a high end retailer in Mexico. I hope she likes it.
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    I am planning on a move this fall. We are considering Tupelo,Oxford and Columbus.I really hope their are some poolhalls in or around these areas. i do not want to buy a home with enough room for a table.I had a GC1 in a previous house but I prefer to go out versus playing at home.A Google search...
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    I may have learned something today

    I was playing one pocket today at our rec center and I was hitting them pretty good.I made 4 3 railers in about 10 games or so.I must have not impressed this older guy watching me. I think he saw all these shots I did not make and did not know I was playinfg safe. He wanted to play 8 ball for 5...
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    I am now the proud owner of an Owen Balabushka tribute cue.I wont post pics,they have been here before.Mine is the cue with blue veneers.Bob Owens work is outstanding,the cue is flawless.I played with it for a couple of hours and quickly adjusted to it.I am sure Bob's ld shafts helped,unsure of...
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    Sold Mottey $3400

    A classic built in 02.Forearm of BEM with 4 points of hurl with natural veneers.Piloted ivory joint with 5/16 x 14 thread.weight is 15 1/8 oz with a black lizard wrap.Purple heart and ivory ringwork at all pos.2 shafts with ivory ferrule 1 is 12.9 mm 3 1/8 oz Ultraskin tip with pad.Shaft 2 is...
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    easy money

    I shoot with the same guy most every day,can not play a lick but still has fun.He claims to have run 11 racks playing straight pool so I say lets play a quick one to 50.It went fast ..4 innings 50 to 7 me. His hi run was 3 or 4..I had a 19.I watch his rack managment and made a proposition...I...
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    I played pool today for the first time in 2 months. I was pretty rusty.Played 9 games of 9ball,broke and ran out twice...start BIH each time after the break.I normally run out about 6 or7 times playing that format.I think bearing down and focusing was difficult.I played some banks for a bit ,had...
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    personal best

    3 weeks now since I have picked up a cue, It is the longest I have gone without playing in over 20 years.Not too happy but we are still healthy and are trying to be safe.:
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    Old school

    Was playing some one pocket by myself for an hour or so and was really having a tough time bearing down so I tried something I had not played in a looking time.. Cribbage ,played 5 games and ran out 2 of them.😁It was really pretty challenging.
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    Any Willie 526 owners out there.They look really good,sharp points and inlays from the pics I have seen.Are the points c nc?
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    I may consider a custom cue and cash for my Mottey.Nitti,Jensen,Jerry R,Carmelli are at the top of my list but all will be considered.Mottey pics are in the cue and case gallery.Chuck:)
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    My player

    This has been my main player for 17 years of so.Does not get much prettier than this.She is still as straight and solid as the day I picked it up.Not difficult to guess the builder.
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    Just a preview
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    Again ten more words