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  1. calcuttaman

    SJM Sizes Up the Matchroom 2021 US Open

    If you don't have the ac set pretty cold (Guessing it was sub 70°) you run the risk of humidity making the cloth very loose. And once it gets loose because of the humidity its not an easy fix.
  2. calcuttaman

    The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Catalog 1923 & 1924

    Does anyone have any information about these 2 plants?
  3. calcuttaman

    Why don't Snooker players use low deflection shafts?

    I'm watching the 2021 World Seniors Snooker and I started to wonder about the shafts they are using. Everyone seems to be using the same type of ash shafts. A friend suggested that most snooker shafts have a conical taper which by nature has less deflection could be the reason why.
  4. calcuttaman

    14 Year Old Wins ACS Midwest Regionals Open Division

    He played 8 matches to win it. All were a race to 4. No one else got to the hill.
  5. calcuttaman

    Superior, Wisconsin

    Ditto on Top Hat. Jeff Schelin is the owner. They also have food.
  6. calcuttaman website says it offers LIVE matches but it does NOT

    Didn't anyone see Ronnie try to pot a red into the corner and jump the cue ball over it? Even the pros do it!
  7. calcuttaman

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  8. calcuttaman

    Format of year end league tournaments

    Our league of 21 teams (Broken into 3 divisions) usually runs 3 weeks of a single elimination playoff. Winner in each division usually gets about $150 per team. This along with payouts for total team wins during the regular season. What format does your league use?
  9. calcuttaman

    Looking for a formula for 1st round matches (Winners & Loser) when there are byes

    I'm just not good at writing formulas. Here's an easy situation. If there are 9 players, I know there is going to be one 1st round winners side match and in the losers side 1st round of play (Vying for 9/12th place) there will be one match. How can I write that in a formula? Of course...
  10. calcuttaman

    How many years have you gone to Vegas for a pool tournament?

    I know a couple of guys that have been to Las Vegas for BCAPL, VNEA, etc for 25+ years in a row. One guy I know (Lupe Rosas) says he's been there about 100 times for pool tournaments. Me, 7 years in a row is all. Has anyone here been going forever?
  11. calcuttaman

    Contact time of frozen cue ball to object ball

    If the cue ball is frozen to an object ball is the contact time longer then if it wasn't frozen? What about contact time if you shoot away at 45 degrees on a frozen cue ball? Does it make a difference with a red circle cue ball or Aramith Magnetic cue ball?
  12. calcuttaman

    Ideas for a 2 table 4 or 8 person tournament

    My buddy just finished his new house and put in 2 bar boxes. Does anyone have any ideas on good formats for tournaments for 4 or 8 people. I've thought about round robins, traditional single and double elimination, rotating partners with 8 players. 8 players doing short races in a DE format...
  13. calcuttaman

    Anyone sign up to watch the videos at WPBA.COM

    Has anyone signed up and done this? What's available?
  14. calcuttaman

    The Carom Room - $5,000 Added - Payouts

    This was posted on FB. This was also from that FB thread... 1st Open bid was $1900 for Jeremy Jones. Jesse Bowman went for $2K. LJ-600, McClusky-760, Coles-900. Chad Lund & Jon Kramer went for 260. NYC Grind is offering a discount on the pay per view, click here
  15. calcuttaman

    Antique Pool Tables at Main Street Station Casino in Las Vegas

    A friend and I were wandering around downtown and he wanted me to see how cool the Main Street Station Casino looked. He told me it used to be the old railroad station. We went in and looked around. Very nice, you could tell it was an old building. Sat at the Bar, again very nice. I asked...
  16. calcuttaman

    Cornbread Red by Bob Henning $10

    Cornbread Red Pool's Greatest Money Player By Bob Henning $10 + $4 shipping Paypal is very much preferred, PM for paypal address
  17. calcuttaman

    The Masters WPBA has a new format for semi-finals & finals

    As before its double elimination down to the final 4 (2 winners side & 2 losers side). But for the semi finals & finals instead of the race to 7, its 2 races to 4 and if tied then 1 game sudden death.
  18. calcuttaman

    Wisconsin has the most pool tournaments!

    See the attached photo for tournaments held Jan 19 in WI. Its like this all most every single weekend in this state. Click HERE to see a map. By clicking on each letter you can also view the same info thats in the below photo. Thanks to Stickman Billiards for one of the main places for...
  19. calcuttaman

    Women Teams - Bring your best 3 to WI Dec 14-16 (Men's also)

    DR Pool Promotions announces the Olympia Team Challenge. This event features 4 team divisions and Friday night 9 Ball Upper and lower Women Upper and lower Men Each division is $500 added based on 16 teams. Upper women - Bring your best 3 players Upper men - Any 2 players + 1 WI "AA" or...
  20. calcuttaman