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    Salzmann custom cue

    Hi. Does anyone have any info on this cue maker?
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    Salzmann cues

    Has anyone ever heard of or owned one of these cues? I can’t find any info about the cue maker online. Can anyone feel me in? Thanks
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    Salzmann Cues

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone ever heard of or can give me any info on salzmann cues. Anything about the maker and where he is located would be great. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Sold Adam AH-47 Regal

    cue is on ebay now.
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    Need help identifying Adam cue

    Hi guys. I hope this is the right place to ask this question. If not I’m sorry and advance. I just wanted to see if I can get some help identifying this Adam cue. I’ve tried looking through catalogs online but had no luck. I have no history on the cue, only that a family member found it hidden...
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    three very nice cues for sale!!!!

    No longer available
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    mystery cue builder

    can anyone give me any info on a cue maker that goes by the name richard masters? it would be very appreciated.
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    cue dimensions

    hi. im getting my cue cue refurbished completely. i would like my cue deminsions to mirror that of the modern meucci cue. does anyone know the diameter of the meucci cue from tip to bumper? thanks
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    cue and wap combo

    can somebody please give me an opinion on what linen wrap might go well ambonya burl points with black, green, yellow veneers? the cue also has 4 small ivory points. the butt sleeve is ambonya burl with 8 ivory diamonds. sorry that i have no pics. thanks
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    stacked leather wrap

    hi cuemakers. is it possible to put a finish over a stacked leather wrap like meucci does over linen wraps? thanks
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    who won the tourny in birmingham this past weekend?

    just wondering if anyone knows who placed in the money in birmingham?
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    shane and hennesee

    who won the action match between shane and johnathan hen they played?
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    2008 brian king cue for sale

    cue is sold! I am slowing down in my pool playing so i have no need for a cue like this anymore. i have had this cue for only four months and the only difference to this cue from the pics you see here is the shafts now have blue chalk on them, but i will have them cleaned once the cue is...
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    my new player, opinions please.

    complete pics of my new player, opinions please! this is the work of brian king of huntsville, al. he does very nice work! the cue is complete. what do you guys think?:) maple and black veneers on 8 olivewood points, olivewood butt sleeve. ebony forearm, buttcap is ebony and ivory colored...
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    test only

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    test only
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    my new brian king cue update!!!!

    this is my new brian king wrapless shooting, jump , and break cue. it still has to be seal some more and then sprayed. what do you think?:D pics are below.
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    diamond wood

    i was wondering if it is possible to put points into diamond wood? can you use diamond wood to build a shooting cue? thanks
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    my cue's progress!

    my brian king custom is almost finished! tell me what you think so far. thanks:)sorry the pics are too big to post.:mad:
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    tulip wood cues

    let's see some cues with tulip wood in them:)