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    rings raised

    My main playing cue has a couple of rings and points that I can feel when I am shooting. Can I just take some clear sealer and put a light coat on and then sand and repeat until I can not feel them anymore? Thanks in advance.
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    Chris in NC

    Met Chris in NC, and played for a couple of hours at his poolroom. Nice guy, and I talked to him more than I practiced. Clean poolroom, clean tables, and nice people. .Chris uncovered his tightest table , and let me play, and it was a lot of fun. I was only there for a couple of days, so I did...
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    signing in

    I am having to sign in with my user name and password every time I come to the site-I am checking the remember me box every time-suggestions?
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    Ruling please

    Was playing in a local 9 ball tournament with 16 players. A heated disagreement started taking place at the far end of the room. One of the out of town players was saying that you can not push off of the object ball. I have always played you can push off of any ball,including the object ball...
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    VA nine ball

    Any updates on the VA State 9 ball tourney? I usually attend, but was not able to make it this year.
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    There is a member here who sells the real G2 tips, but I cant find through a search-help?
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    wrapless schons

    looking for anyone with wrapless schons -might be interested in trading my wrapped butt for a wrapless one-thanks
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    Va state results

    Anybody have any news on the State 9 ball results? I usually play ,or at least go, but was unable to do so this year.
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    one pocket richmond

    Played in the one pocket tournament at Diamond Billiards in Richmond Va. yesterday-had a good turn out-about 30 I think. Won 1 match-lost one by playing a guy who was better than me, and gave one away- When I left Larry Kressel(sp),Shorty Davis, Big John, and a guy from the beach where...
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    no chalk

    The more I play, the more I find myself moving away from the center of the cue ball.To stop using too much English I will practice using nothing but center ball without any chalk at the table. I think most of you will be surprised at how you can get the cue ball from point A to point B with just...
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    US Open for spectators-worst ever

    The Open this year is the worst for spectators ever! Having supported the Open for at least 25 of the 39 played,(maybe more),I will say I will be going no more unless it is at another place. First the seating-there are 2 rows in the general admission seating-while going up there are signs saying...
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    ASmile for freddie

    A few years ago my girlfriend was going to buy me one of Freddie's books for a Christmas present. She spoke to him on the phone and the order was placed. When I opened it up on Christmas Day, on the inside cover was inscribed Bank on Sister with his signature. Whenever I open it up it brings a...
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    one pocket in richmond

    Does anyone know who won the one pocket tournament in Richmond over the weekend?
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    welcome box?

    What happened to the welcome box on the right of the screen? I liked it because I could figure about 3 pages of posting for every day I had missed,and then I could catch up .
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    message too short

    I am trying to leave positive itrader for a deal just made, and it keeps telling me that the message I am leaving is not long enough even when it is-what am I doing wrong?
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    any wrapless dale perrys ?

    looking for a wrapless Dale Perry-any out there?
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    Myrtle Beach

    I will be in Myrtle Beach this coming Thursday ,Friday, and Sat. for a golf trip-would be interested in some cheap one pocket if anyone will be around-my comfort level is $10 to $20 , and since I am on vacation I dont want to bet much higher-will be staying at Sands Ocean Club and should be...
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    Target Pool

    I have a Target Pool game that was used a couple of times for sale-one page of the 20 page scoring pad is used, but everything else is fine-asking $70 shipped in the USA-thanks-sold pending payment-
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    Green Top in Rocky Mount NC

    Made a trip to the new pool room in Rocky Mount yesterday. Had a good time-friendly people -Diamond and Brunswick tables-Four of us went and all of us were able to find some small action-On Mondays and Weds pool is only $5 for all day-would reccomend it to anyone passing through -
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    Computer advice for the Open ppv

    I ordered the ppv and I am having a few problems I do not know how to correct-besides the buffering and having to refresh allthe time, when I do get the programing I can see the table, but the people look like they are negatives from old photos-can someone who is a little more adept with things...