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  1. Charles Hartfield

    Judd is bad for pool

    I thought he would do better than he did being that I thought snooker players were the best cueists. Maybe I was wrong about that. He had some good moments but a little more bad. He did seem to take it well and show good sportsmanship.
  2. Charles Hartfield

    RIP Scott Lee

    I’m very sad to hear this news.
  3. Charles Hartfield

    Gold Crown 3 restore

    Beautiful table! Great job!
  4. Charles Hartfield

    DCC 10’ table

    After watching some Accu-stat matches on YouTube, I’m curious about the 10’ Diamond table for the DCC Bigfoot tournament. It seems like it plays much faster than the 9’ Diamonds. Does anyone know if the 10’ table has different cushions and/or cloth than the 9’?
  5. Charles Hartfield

    Tip diameter

    Is a larger tip diameter more forgiving than a smaller one? Since I don’t practice 8 hours a day and don’t hit the microdot on the cue ball 100% of the time, will a smaller diameter hurt my ball pocketing? I currently use a 13mm traditional and am considering going down to a 11.75mm low...
  6. Charles Hartfield

    Diamond pool table cover

    I’m not sure if you can find one outside of Diamond. I highly recommend a Diamond cover. They are expensive but worth it in my opinion. I have a 9’ professional and a Diamond cover. It fits perfect and is good quality.
  7. Charles Hartfield

    Surfing in Olympics, new sport this year

    This is off topic from the olympics but surfers always remind me of top water lures but for sharks.
  8. Charles Hartfield

    Recommendations for Table Brush Set

    My recommendation would be the x-1. When I’m cleaning the cloth, I start with the x-1 as directed in the instructions to get out the chalk and get anything else with my shop vac. This has worked well for me.
  9. Charles Hartfield

    Best Pool Balls?

    I have a set of cyclop ares and they play just fine to me. If I had to recommend a set, I would recommend aramith tournament. I would like to get a set of them for myself in the future.
  10. Charles Hartfield

    Stolen cues 15 minutes north of Kansas City

    I’m sorry to hear about your house and cues. I pray you get them back soon.
  11. Charles Hartfield

    Centennials after cleaning with Dawn?

    I did the same thing to some centennials. It will take some elbow grease but they are not ruined. I used the aramith restorer and cleaner four straight times (used restorer, cleaner and polished) and they came back to looking like new. It was a tough lesson to learn.
  12. Charles Hartfield

    Brunswick Gold Crown VI (Tournament Edition)

    Did they find out where those small parts that fell out went?
  13. Charles Hartfield

    Sold Diamond wire bridge holders

    I have two Diamond wire bridge holders for sale. They are in mint condition and come with two screws each I got from Diamond. $25 each plus shipping.
  14. Charles Hartfield

    Anniversary, GC or Diamond?

    My opinion would be a Diamond.
  15. Charles Hartfield

    Brunswick Gold Crown VI (Tournament Edition)

    It’s better than you think it is. You are going to be like a kid at Christmas when you get it.
  16. Charles Hartfield

    Brunswick Gold Crown VI (Tournament Edition)

    I’m sorry for the problems with your table. I also would have thought the table would be flawless for the price.
  17. Charles Hartfield

    Stolen cues alert! Lafayette LA last Monday night.

    I’m really sorry. I pray you get them back.
  18. Charles Hartfield

    One Piece Slate Diamonds

    Awesome! Please post pictures when you get it.
  19. Charles Hartfield

    Show your Diamond Professional table

    If it helps any GoldCrown, my three piece plays perfect.
  20. Charles Hartfield

    Karl Boyes instruction

    I enjoy his videos. Some good information with a little comedy thrown in.