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  1. rrussotwo

    LF old Adams catalog scans

    I'm looking for some old Adams / Helmstetter catalog scans from the 1970/80/90s? Anyone have any? Thanks in advance.
  2. rrussotwo

    LTB Helmstetter 86-06

    Looking for another 86-06. Must be straight together and apart. Finish is not important.
  3. rrussotwo

    Curious about bartering

    Another thread sparked this and I was hoping to have some cuemakers chime in. I've wondered about the bartering thing. Do cuemakers like getting websites for cues? Just asking as my degree is in graphic design and I build web applications and specialize in user interaction and interface...
  4. rrussotwo

    WTB 5/16X18 Predator Shaft

    Found what I'm looking for. Thanks guys.
  5. rrussotwo

    Joint Protectors

    I have bought joint protectors from pipe1976 on the bay for a year now. This guy will make anything you want for under 15 bucks. I just had him make an African Blackwood and Bloodwood two shaft one butt set to match my Gracio and they were perfect. Just send him a message with your joint...