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    willie Hoppe cue with a number 721 stamped on it.

    what would be the significant of the 721 and value real ,nice
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    Hyatt Roman numeral balls

    Beautiful set of Hyatt Numeral balls for sale. Search as I may I can not get a quote as to what the balls are worth. Until then I can not ask a price. I would appreciate anyone that is familiar with this type ball to advise me. I have several people inquiring but I dontn't know what they're...
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    What is the bca rule?

    Our playoffs is the first team to reach 128 balls. 8 ball is the game. Team 1 breaks needing one ball to get to 128. He breaks makes a high ball and scratches. team 2 takes a low ball needing 3 more to get to 128. Argument started claiming that as soon as the team 2 chose the low balls it...
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    rare 15 Roman numeral set ivory ball

    I have a friend selling his home and is clearing out his pool room. looking for serious collectors who recognizes there value. any advice from nonbuyers would be greatly appreciated. thank you stickman161
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    jump cue

    is it legal to use your shaft to jump balls with regular leather tip. i find a La Pro hard tip does a good job. BCA rules say it be 40", but it also says the tip must be leather or a synthetic leather. how many new jump cues has leather in the tips. thanks stickman161
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    one winner $4000

    according to a Facebook post, Shane Winters, posted that tvmike is streaming a winner take all in Ohio. $500 entry, 8 entrées, race to 21. tried to sign in and only getting "this page can not be displayed". any one else? HELP!!!! stickman161 it's Saturday
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    K66 or K55

    I resently setup a older Valley, 1991 vintage, and purchased new covered rails to replace the old ones. After installing The new ones have a thud sound to them and are not bouncing as you would expect from new rails. The rails have 3 bolts ea. and I tightened bolt 2 just till the cloth slightly...
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    irving kaye bolt hole plugs

    I have a 1970's Appolo. are the rail bolt hole plugs available any place? thanks stickman161
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    Great price for a vintage mcdermott

    For sale a beautiful 19.5 oz McDermott cue made from 1990 to 1995. No wobble. Linen wrap has been replaced by a new green sealed wrap. comes with a new 13.25mm shaft. Soft case Pressed Blue Diamond tip. Also included are 2 Cocobola Diamond wood joint protectors Priced at $200.00...
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    Irving Kaye idenity value

    I need help identifying a Irving Kaye 3x6 pool table I just purchased as far as age and value. I located a picture on line. It had a caption, “Irving Kaye billiard table500 “ Thanks Stickman161
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    joss cue made 6/2000

    looking for someone to approximate a value i have for this joss cue. i sent Dan Joss the serial stamped on the stainless steel joint, BO5572, and he identified it as being made in June, 2000, model #99707. i'm getting ready to put on ebay and would like an idea its possibility. thanks...
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    carmeli model help

    need help identifying this Carmeli. a friend wants to put on ebay. thanks