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    Question about CTE terminology.

    So I've studied from DVD 2. I'm going through Stan's truth series atm and there's some terms I'm guessing at. I'm assuming I'll find it if I keep sifting. Alignment line (AL) : Originally the Edge to A, B, C line? Sight Line (SL): was the Center to Edge line but again, has been updated to...
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    CTE Stepping Cue Ball.

    I'm still confused on the exact steps of stepping the cueball. I read morhts article but I would like further clarification. A lot of my terminology might be a little outdated but once you lock in your visuals, what is the precise order of stepping the cueball? Step 1. Lock in perception. Step...
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    CTE Question

    So I just ordered stans book and I'm waiting for it to arrive. But I've just recently been going through the truth series and have a few questions. So from what I understand, when you lock in the perception, that's the parallax line? You use pro one to sweep into the standard shot picture. Can...
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    Upgrading a toy

    Just curious to know how good a toy table could play. I'm talking about the tables that use slatron with terrible felt and rails. (Mizerak, cooper etc. I just want to know if putting actual rails and actual cloth would do anything to make it somewhat playable? Is the lack of slate a deal...
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    Coloured Ferrules

    Does anyone know where I could get brightly colored ferrule material for a playing cue? Or if there's any way I could make my own. It's also for a low deflection shaft. Any thoughts would be helpful. Or if anyone has any recomendations for painting etc. I just want a bright red ferrule on my...
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    I was just wondering if swerve is a constant? When I shoot slow with lots of spin, I feel like after a certain distance it stops swerving. Can someone explain what is happening? I don't think I'm running out of english, but the ball seems to stop curving in at some point. Elevated I could...
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    Second ball clustering

    Can someone tell me the reason that sometimes the balls will cluster along one rail when you break second ball?
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    BHE and FHE English system?

    I'm trying to work out a system or guidelines to using Back Hand English (BHE) and Front Hand English (FHE), but I don't really know much about it. I just came up with the idea today, and I was hoping I could get help sorting it all out. So what I know up until this point: - with BHE, the QB...
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    Need help with different sights

    So I feel like I'm more messed up than ever and really confused. I saw this snooker drill where you take a book and you put a line of tape on it, and a line of tape on the table, and the head position from which you see the two lines of tape join up, is your perception of straight. I'm...
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    Help understanding this?

    What does Ronnie mean by grip pressure?, like is it pressure on the cue during the stroke, or at the finish of the stroke? Does he really hit everything the samespeed, and then get's more or less action, speed w.e by just grip pressure? If anyone plays like that, could they elaborate...
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    White Diamond vs Hammerhead

    Has anyone tried both that could give me feedback on how they compared to one another?
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    Same Stroke

    I keep hearing every so often that you should be hitting the majority of your shots with the same stroke (speed I guess?), and you control your position with where you place your tip. I think I kind of get it for straight backward and forwards, but what about cut shots? Does it mean that I...
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    Visual Sweep

    So It's been almost a year, and I'm still working on cte. I'm still having trouble getting the visual sweep down to the point where I'm comfortable with the consistency. I shoot left handed and my left sweeps are definitely better than my right sweeps and I just don't understand what my eyes...
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    Predator 3x4 soft case?

    Has anyone tried it that can give me feedback? Do you have to lay it open and flat to use it, or can you insert and remove cues from the end like a more traditional case? Will the pocket fit a Jacoby jump cue handle? I'm concerned that the securing strap for the shafts will make it hard to...
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    What is happening?

    So for a stop shot, you can either hit the CB in the center as hard as you want and stop the ball dead. Or you can time your draw so that the ball runs out of spin just before it hits the Object ball. I've noticed that when I'm trying to use the tangent line, the ball comes off the rail funny if...
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    Full Circle CTE

    Has anyone gone in depth into figuring out Full Circle CTE? I'm haven't tried working with it yet and was wondering if anyone has figured out the nuances. I know there's an alignment for 15 and 30. I was also wondering if there was one for the 40 and 60 (but you'd probably have to aim at some...
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    I was just wondering if anyone has tried the M1A1. I haven`t seen too much information in the way of reviews on it. Just wondering how it plays. Does it hit well? How long the pivot point is. And if it's worth the investment.
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    Broken Bumper

    So I accidentally broke the rubber bumper on my Poison Arsenic AR4 and I can`t find a replacement anywhere. Can anyone help?
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    Broke the Bumper

    So I accidentally broke the rubber bumper on my Poison Arsenic AR4 and I can`t find a replacement anywhere. Can someone help point me out? Edit: Can someone help point me in the right direction?:)
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    Playing softer

    When I first started learning how to drive manual car, I realized that revving the engine and shifting full speed was a lot easier than driving slowly in rush hour. It took me a lot longer to learn the finessed required to roll along at slow speeds. I'm finding I have that problem with pool as...